Saturday, 26 March 2011

Mama crafts. (including season swap gift)

 No that's not my granny stripe blanket; this is a granny square, I decided I wanted a colourful covering for the chair at my desk in my bedroom - and also to stop the seat falling off, as Rye has an uncanny knack of sitting on the chair and the seat falling off and him ending up doubled up down the centre - and oddly enough he ain't keen.
 I do like this; adds a bit more colour to my white bedroom!   And just makes me smile every time I look at it.  And it was a welcome relief from granny striping.... mind, I'll be doing a Lucy style "Ta-Daaah" post very soon indeed.
 A rainbow head band for myself.  I so miss dying my hair lovely colours, so this is now my new obsession.  I have done a lilac and purple granny triangle head scarf too - must take a photo of it.
 Ahhhh Green Man, how much trouble you gave me!  He has been repainted, gosh at least four times... I just wasn't liking it.  I initially used a green man image I'd seen on a cup as inspiration, but it was too similar for my liking, and well, just not my style.  So I kept reworking and reworking, until He emmerged.  I could still tinker some more; but well I think I'd made Shell wait quite long enough, and I felt at least relatively happy with him.  There is another in progress now for another mama who has waited patiently; although it will be different to the above, while composition is similar on most of my Green Men, none are exactly the same.  I think though I'm a bit green manned out.. lol.  Finding it hard to find the zone to paint. 

Unfortunately, I haven't got photos of the pen and inks, I forgot to take some, and sent the portraits off to the mama who asked for them - and bloody royal mail has lost em. :-(  Gutted.    Mind again, I wasn't overly happy, so I do get to have another go; although slightly worried, I have this thing with portraits that once I get a good likeness, I find it diffcult to do it again.... so fingers crossed I can do justice to the little girl being inked!
 Ahhh season swap.  This is the plant pot I painted for Claire.  I painted a snowdrop, a pansy and a daffodil, and then crocheted a few eggs and a daffodil, that I stuck onto a green stick.  Rye stuck on the beads and the random dots with paints.

 This is the remake for Mummy sib.  Again royal mail messing up and loosing lovingly crafted items!  (yes learned my lesson, everything goes recorded now).  This time I did a lace crochet daff (above) and a couple of eggs.... and then I also crocheted a pansy and stuck it onto the plant pot, and then on the other side I painted a daffodil.

 I really like the button, I have to say, works really well.  Rye put on the stars for me around the rim :-)  I really enjoyed painting the pots, think I will have to do some more to give as gifs for various birthday's etc.
 Ahhhh, stash busting, and I needed baskets.  There has been a shelf reshuffle, and Rye has been given access to some crafting and art supplies and mindee has been given access to jigsaws and other toys that previously she just threw everywhere and I got fed up of standing on painfully, and then having to crawl around to find all the pieces... not good with dodgy knees...... So anyway, yes, baskets were needed.  Very simple a circle spiral using 3 DK strands of yarn at once, and then once at the height I wanted, I just crab stitched around the top.  Very pleased, although this basket is a bit slouchy so I might stiffen it later.
 This one was made with 3 aran strands of yarn held together and is a much more robust little bowl/basket ad holds nicely the puzzles that do not have a box.  I really like the colour it adds to the shelves too.  I'm making more and plan to replace some of the baskets I currently use (or maybe I'll just cover them).
I am inordinately proud of this little make.  A friend has, last week given birth to a gorgeous little boy and she uses cloth nappies, but has never used wool soakers before, so I said I would crochet her one.  Well, being laptopless, I didn't have access to ravelry, so I made up my own pattern using the disana shorties as a template (or as rather what I could remember of them looking like).  Kicking myself that I didn't write this down as I went though.  Ah well, one of a kind.  All I need to do now is purchase some lanolin so I can get it prepared for her and job done :-)   Hehehe, I almost wish Rye was back in nappies! ;-)

I've also made lots of Ostara eggs for the season table, but that's just my usual pattern.  I am currently playing with covers for jars to turn them into vases and also as t-light jars too.  I have a stack of flowers I've made too, but that is for a larger project that I'll "Ta-Daaah" later when complete.

And the granny stripe, well almost there, not far before the edging marathon begins and then another Taa Daah post... oooh and I'm crocheting Rye a jumper too, which may not work as I'm having to convert the pattern from using an aran wool to a DK... and maths isn't my strong part... mind so long its a bit too big that's fine, its if it's too small that I have a problem lol.

Oooh and a friend has been dropping hints about the Japanese motif flower scarf/shawl Lucy over at Attic 24 has Ta-Daaah'd recently.   So I may well be doing that too - or something similar as I'm not sure I really want to buy the book... maybe dunno, we'll see.

Anyway, it's earth hour nearly, so excuse me while I go and turn the lights off and light the candles. :-)


Dawn said...

Busy, busy, busy ... great to see you back with pictures x

Joxy said...

Thanks, its lovely to be updating again. Hehehehe.

mummybear said...

The Greenman painting is beautiful...

I'm in love with the Attic24 Japanese shawl too.

Joxy said...

Yeah I'm debating with myself about buying the book.. decided to; and then discovered its sold out..unless I'm looking at the etsy site wrong? But I think I can recreate from the photos - it looks easy enough.

misssaJ said...

I'm loving the pots, what a great idea!