Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nightmares, icky tums and treasure moments.

Well, unsurprisingly, I spent much of my childfree weekend on my laptop playing, and imbuing a couple bottles of lovely pear cider.  Lovely to finally be able to wander back over my favourite blogs and look at photos I could only blurrily make out on my mobile - and also read those blog my mobile just wouldn't show.

Sunday evening drew in and Rye was home and in my arms again.  Sadly not overly well.  Tummy ache and diahorrea.  So maybe more than perhaps a dodgy sausage roll from Sainsbury?  Either way we spent the evening cuddling, and later I popped him to bed and he seemed to fall asleep really quickly.  Few hours later I'm racing to his bedside as he wakes up hysterical and screaming.  Initially, I thought he was very ill and was about to throw on some clothes to take him to A&E, when I thought to ask him if he'd had a bad dream.  He had.  He wasn't coherent enough to tell me much - just that something was chasing him.

No hesitation, I scooped him up and brought him into my bed, where he buried into my arms and hiccuped and slowly calmed down enough to fall asleep... but a few hours later we're awake again - this time he's wanting a drink and he's running a low grade temperature.    More snuggles and he falls into fitful sleep.... then awake, another drink - on this went, until I decided that actually giving him a dose of ibruephren was the thing to do.  My hope was the ibruprehren would help him to sleep, thus heal.  It worked to a degree.

Rye spent Monday been mostly subdued, refusing to eat, but drinking, and looking rather sorry for himself.  Mostly he was tired and by the evening starting to perk up and ate a little pasta and bologniase.  He had even asked for a nap in the afternoon - he NEVER asks to nap, so I snuggled with him, (fell asleep for an hour myself), and then I got up and crocheted in peace while my mindee and son napped. 

After mindee had left and Rye had snuggled some more, he started to really perk up, I decided to forego his usual bedtime and just go with the flow:
 Playing with the blocks and his thomas trains.

Progressing to building towers, and a lesson in counterbalance!

Then he wanted to play with the pirate ship.  That was nice to see, its been sat in his bedroom for quite a while.
Oh, Yes!  Looking much happier and his old self.
Tuesdays, I mind a 3rd child, an 18 month old boy, who is settling in with us really well.  No tears at all, when his mum dropped him off today.  Rye and C clamour to play with L and hug the poor lad to death.  Very cute in the garden the 3 of them running around and C singing "Ringa Ring a roses...." and the other two jumping on her when she fell to the ground.

I so wish I could share the beautiful photo of Rye showing L how to complete the wooden puzzles.  He was brilliant, and even encouraging him to try again when L offered Rye the piece to do it for him.  Mama was proud!

Then after lunch, we popped into town, a card popped through my door a few days ago informing me there was a parcel waiting for me to pick up.  No idea what it was, turns out the wonderfully talented mama, Sarah over on Carried Family, had sent me a few more balls of yarn - Thank you!
I had started some pjs for Rye last year, remember these?
alas I was running out of yarn, and unable to finish.  The new hand dyed yarn is more muted, and rye is growing so quickly I doubt those pjs fit him anymore - or at least will be rather snug.  So I plan to frog it all and in my head I have a very colourful and zany jumper in mind.  Quite when I'll get around to doing it with all the other makes I have I'm not quite sure..still quite a ways till winter, eh :-)


Lou said...

Oh bless him. Glad he his feeling better now.
Nice to have you back on screen again ;)

Eoforhild said...

Poor Rye. There's nasty stuff going around.

I can't believe how grown up he looks in your recent pictures.