Monday, 11 April 2011

Cream crackered.

So in my bid to reduce the physical space I inhabit, I have take to just been on my feet much more; so this morning a session in the kitchen, while the kids played happily in the beautiful sunshine in the garden.  Oooh, actually before mindee appeared, Rye helped me to make apple and orange muffins.  And I've been very good and only had a very small one I made for myself.

After that I decided to fill my fridge with salads and nibbles.  So, I made a root vegetable coleslaw containing fennel, beetroot,carrot, cabbage and raisins and covered with a honey and mustard dressing.  Love this coleslaw, moreso than the bog standard mayo one, which I do like too.  I also boiled salad jersery potatoes and simply covered them in a little rapeseed oil (full of omega goodness), and chives from the garden.  I also chopped up the tomatoes and liberally sprinkled them with balsamic vinegar and pepper.  Ooh and chickpea and butter bean humous - delicious, I added a touch of vinegar and used light tahini rather than dark.. and yum, much prefer this version.  This is my humous:

400g of cooked chickpeas
400g of butter beans
1/2 tsp of garlic powder (I'd used my fresh garlic in another dish - otherwise 1 fat garlic clove or more if you like it really garlicky)
tbsp of cider vinegar
tsp of ground corindander seed
1tbsp of light tahini
tsp of mild chili powder
1/2 tsp of garam malsala
pinch of sea/rock salt
freshly grated black pepper.

I just bung it all in the magimix and blend and then slowly add some oill until the consistency is how I like.  The vinegar I found really help to meld the flavours.  Very tasty.

And I've marinated some mushrooms too in an oil and vinegar marinade with garlic, thyme, oregano and black peppercorns.    I may well add more mushrooms tomorrow as they marinate they soften and pack down a bit more. 

I put the little girl I mind down for a nap at quart to twelve and got her back up about quarter past one, and then off down to the park we went - with a detour to the bank and coop.  And then we walked back and Rye insisted I walk faster - puff!

Tea here has consisted off cauliflower cheese, root veg coleslaw, potatoe and chive salad, and balsamic tomatoes.  Yum.

Can't say the bid to inhabit less space is feeling particularly onerous at the moment - hehehe.

Bless him.  Rye was stuffing his face on one of the apple and orange muffins and enjoying Green Juice, made from freshly squeezed oranges, kiwi fruit, large water cress and with some omega oil and honey added for extra goodness.  Hoping all this raw, high vitamin goodness will help to shift the constant snotty nose and frequent fevers.  Still, trying to get him an appointment at the doctors to check out the possible infection -sigh.  But in the meantime, build up his immune system as much as possible.  I'll be making nettle and apple tea tomorrow for him to drink!

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