Sunday, 10 April 2011

Lathe Barn

Rye woke up this morning full of beans and raring to go, so I texted my friend to accept her invite to Lathe Barn  What a lovely little place.  Unfortunately, the children couldn't feed the animals because of Defra rules after that E-coli outbreak at a farm last year.  (sigh) 

Still, once Rye saw the ride ons that was it, I barely saw him for the 3 hours or so we were there.
He was able to get a real turn of speed up with these!  And what does a young boy gravitate to once he's finished zooming up and down...
The sand digger of course.  Quite a feat to get him to understand he couldn't hog this.   
Toward the end of our visit I managed to interest Rye in the goats and he even fed them grass.   And then back home, to a lovely meal of pasta with tomatoe sauce, salad and naan garlic bread.
See that huge pile of pasta - he ate it all!  There were four slices of garlic bread too, which he scoffed too.  Worked up an apetite alrighty :-)

And I am dead chuffed too, since slimfasting, of a fashion; as I'm tending to just have one shake and then fruit or veg until teatime, when I eat a cooked meal, I've lost a stone since last Friday.  And oooh I do feel better for it - my knees feel much less painful already!

So yup, a good day! :-)


Lilith Noor said...

Wow, that's a diet and a half! Too drastic for me, but if you feel happy and healthy on it then go you!

Looks like you had a lovely day out at the farm. Such a shame about the hand feeding though!

Woolly Wanderer said...

Well done Joxy!!!!!!

Hugs San xxxx

Joxy said...

it doesn't feel drastic though, hun. And you should have seen the pile of pasta and salad I had this evening, I also had a little of the naan garlic bread I "made" too. The slimfast was more to just get me into eating better mode, rather than eating muffins and sandwiches all the time and then not being bothered to cook and so ordering takeaway. And I needed to do something quickly because it was getting to the stage where walking was getting very difficult and the other week I really thought I was stuck on the floor after getting down to pick up toys from under the shelves... took me ages to drag myself back up!

And I'm going to scotland at the end of this month camping - I really need to be able to get up and down off the ground a bit easier..and I want to be able to take part in the May Pole danicing! And oooh, that stone has already made such a difference. I sat on the picnic blanket for a while this afternoon, and I was able to get up relatively easy.. it was such a pleasure!

Susie (September) said...

Good luck with your weight loss plan, you've made such an awesome start - you must be so pleased! Love the pics of Rye, he's looking so grown up and i'm glad he's feeling better xx

Dawn said...

Well done on the weight loss, as long as you're feeling good x

Shame they couldn't feed the animals there, I assumed everywhere was okay now but I guess they must have not got clearance to allow kids to feed and touch them there. Our two local farms are still hands on, don't think they ever stopped but they are excellent on cleanliness. Maybe next time or another farm he can feed them, kids do love that don't they?
The diggers looked like fun though x

Joxy said...

the owners said Defra have published new rules banning hand feeding of animals and if they were found to be doing so they would close the entire site down. Seemed a bit drastic to me, I mean you just wash your hands! Seems weird to me anyway, I mean I grew up on a farm and I never keeled over from e-coli.