Tuesday, 19 April 2011


I have done very little today, made snacks and meals for the kids, changed bums, crocheted in the garden, and after lunch I took them down to the park for a hour or so; and I feel utterly done in now.  I need to clean and tidy the kitchen, I managed to put the bins and recycling out for tomorrow and that was it for me.  The cleaning will have to wait until the morning.

Rye said to me earlier, "Mum, are you still sad?"
"yeah, a bit Rye, I'll be sad for a while yet."
"Because Peter died?"
"Yes darling, because Peter died."
"I think he'll be ok now though, mummy."

Bless him, wise words.

It has been a glorious day and very warm indeed.  The top photo is when Rye was trying to tie one of the ride on's to the back of the tractor, and the little boy, I have on a Tuesday, had fallen asleep on the trampoline, bum in air, which is why my bed throw is trailing the floor - I've draped it over the line and the trampoline to provide shade.  The little girl had a nap too, a nice respite; and without mindees to excite Rye he calmed down lovely and played intently and quietly.
 Not sure what he was thinking here, but bless, he looked very thoughtful.
The sandpit was a good buy, it gets a lot of use, and Rye is happy as a pig in sh*t; especially now he's realised he's allowed to take his wooden dumper truck and exacavtor out there.   I'm happy too, as a friend has told me that washed sand is the exact same stuff as "play" sand but costs a fraction of the price.  Happy days, last year I probably spent going on for £100 replenishing the sand!

 Oooh and a spark of excitement when the postie banged on the gate announcing he had a recorded delivery for me.  The yarn I ordered has arrived.  All 27 balls of it; it's Rico Creative Cotton, Aran; lovely and soft, if rather splitty - but holding the tension tight sorts that problem out.  I've made a flower, but I'm not keen on the centre, so I'm tweaking at the moment.

But alas a "OOOOHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" moment when this happened;
My favourite 4.5mm hook, toast.   Ahh well, gives me an excuse to pick up the coloured aluminmum set I've had my eye on.   I've enjoyed crocheting, and I have to say I did brighten up quite a bit and felt much less mardy. 

Kevin called again today too.  His MIL has told him that I won't receive a funeral grant because Kevin has some savings - and it can take some weeks for it to be sorted - so Kevin is going ahead with plans and will pay for the funeral himself.   Pete's body is being released for cremation, so the funeral will probably be in about 2 weeks time, which means I'm gonna have to cancel my Scotland plans, while I could still go up - the thought of doing that drive to Scotland and back and then a day or two later having to drive up to Yorkshire, attend a funeral and then drive home... well it does not enthuse me, that's for sure.  At least things are moving forward, that's something.


LauraPinkFaery said...

That is some lovely yarn you have there. Can i ask where you got it from???

Love you *hugs* xxxxx

Joxy said...

Sure, I bought it from here: http://www.cucumberpatch.co.uk/yarn_products.htm It's £1.50 per 50g ball.

Claire said...

Glad the crocheting is improving your mood a little. That's a great stash of yarn you have there!

Completely at a tangent, that shirt Rye is wearing, do you mind telling me where you got it from, it's gorgeous!!

Crystalrainbow said...

Hugs at this sad time x x x

missking said...

thinking of you joxy.x

kb77 said...

The trip to scotland might do you good Jacqui. Might it be worth travelling to yorkshire by train to take the strain off you a bit?

Joxy said...

Claire, it's from susumamas online. He has the stripey trousers to match too, but I think it's a bit OTT to wear the top and trousers together.