Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Sun, garden and crochet.

Another gloriously sunny day here.  In fact it was so hot this afternoon, I had to move into the shade.  Not that I'm complaining, this summerlike weather is helping to keep my mood level.

I am rather tired, not sleeping overly well, keep waiting up and having odd dreams; last night the one that I remember was about me trying to get on a plane to go and visit relatives in Canada, but access to the plane was through long narrow winding tunnels that were rather scummy... I couldn't get through so had to go back.  I don't need to be Freud to understand that one.

So today ended up being a home day.  I had made plans to go to the park again in the afternoon, but I was headachy and tired and just not up for it, so I cancelled.  The day did improve though, the headache eventually dissipated with help, and I decided to occupy myself by making a start on the shawl a friend asked me to make her for her birthday - which I realised isn't that far away!

 A teaser:
I'm not entirely sure if what I'm doing is exactly a Japanese Flower, as the blog I looked at was an adaption, which I didn't like once I made the flower (below),
so I looked at Lucy's shawl again over on Attic 24, and zoomed in to have a look and basically winged it.   I have ordered the book from Japan, and oh dear, there I was the other night thinking it should have arrived by now - popped onto Etsy to see if there was any tracking info or something.. and discovered it still sat in my basket, I'd forgotten to check it out.  Oops. 

I still decided to buy the book and checked it out, as there are other patterns I'm interested in... and if I can indeed follow the diagrams ok without being able to refer to written instructions, (as they are in Japanese), then there are other books I've been looking at, that I'd love too.

I've found the crochet rather grounding and have coped with the children much better today; plus I've had the radio on too - bit of sellotape holding the ariel in place, meant I was able to listen to Radio 3.  Rye has of course pull it off again, trying to be helpful (sigh), but that's kids for ya, I guess.  Minded child was very tired today too and had a long, 2.5hr nap, which was rather lovely.

A pretty ok day, overall.


missking said...

glad you are feeling a bit more normal today - as much as possible. i absolutely love the flowers. beautiful colours. love the white and green one. wish i could crochet! very clever.

Rose said...

Much love Joxy. I'm wondering if I could employ your crochet services at some point? X

Joxy said...

Ahh Rose. I would love to, but I have to say I am really, really rubbish when it comes to commissions; I seem to loose all motivation and inspiration when someone engages my services.. so much so that once the artwork I'm doing is finished I shan't be accepting anymore.

Instead I was planning to eventually make things to offer for sale/greenies (or yarn) if anyone likes what I've made, as that doesn't seem to affect me. I know I'm daft and the above doesn't make a lot of sense - I'm just a bit weird lol.

Once the shawl (and that artwork I'm doing is finished) I do plan to start making bits to sell/trade, mainly to fund my yarn addiction, as I'd to work with some more highend yarns.
So I would recommend you suggest things you'd be interested in buying/trade/yarn if I were to make them. I've had a few people say they would love a couple of triangle granny headscarves if I were to make more - so I think I will, I want some more for myself and I want to play with the basic design, adding beads, funky edgings etc.

Joxy said...

It's also one of the reasons why I haven't opened a misi shop or similar, I keep been urged to, but I know that as soon as I start crocheting to create stock, I'll get bored and stop crocheting. Daft, daft, daft I know, its just a quirk I have. I do it because I love the play of stitch and colours - indeed I've come to love it more than painting - I have a painting I started of Rye 3 years ago..and I've still not finished it... and I dunno but as soon as I start trying to do it for money the enjoyment leaves and I find it a chore... does that make any sense at all?