Friday, 31 January 2014

Ok Where January go?

Gosh, I've been meaning to post and January has just been one long miserable month, quite frankly.
Rye's birthday on the 1st was great, he loved having his paternal family present and was truly spoiled by his family and my lovely housemates!

The rest of January, has been rubbish.  I ended up in hospital with a flipping kidney infection.  Gawd I felt awful.  Living in a commune, of course, meant I didn't need to overly worry about Rye; my lovely housemates made sure he was well cared for - and when he came to visit me in hospital, he told me how many stories he was getting at bedtime... which has kinda meant that I now read about 3 stories instead of the 1 previously..hmmm.    Oh, it was awful when he left after visiting me.  I don't think it had really hit him that I wasn't at home until then.  When my housemate led him away, I saw him tearing up, waving and being very reluctant to leave - well that set me off too, watching him leave was heart wrenching.  Thankfully, I was discharged the next day!

Rye became my shadow for a few days.  I rather enjoyed the one to one with him, but soon, he had satisfied himself that I was ok and back home... and the lure of his friends soon had him off playing, with the occasional head round door, just to make sure I was still there.

There's been some more illness since then too - a cold, which is more of a minor inconvenience - but I managed to upset my digestive system last weekend, and spent the day running to the loo and vomiting.  Miserable.  

And bugger me, today I took Rye out with the other families from Rose Howey.  A trip to soft play, and we'd not been there half an hour before Rye came to tell me his ear was sore.  I commiserated and sent him off to play, thinking it would distract him and he'd be fine... ten minutes or so later he's back, in tears saying its worst.  I give him some paracetamol for the pain, alas, he cried and moaned it hurt and spent the entire session sat with me, demanding cuddles.  I wanted to take him home, but he became more hysterical when I suggested it.  Nonetheless, I wish I had ignored the wailing, and called a taxi, because the journey home was a nightmare.

We caught the bus back into Liverpool city centre, Rye had begun to doze on the bus, but once we got off, the cold, rain and wind, (he had a wool hat on and his coat with hood up too), soon had him wailing and crying very, very loudly.  Rather than wait for the 2nd bus to home (and the five/ten min walk after to reach home) I opted for a taxi - which bugger me, ran over to one with it's light on, driver no where to be seen.  In the end my housemate flagged one down for me.  Bless the taxi driver, he got us home super quick, and I got Rye snuggled into his bed, with electric blanket on, and a hot chocolate (he barely touched) and an audio book.  He soon drifted off to sleep though.

He woke an hour or so later, wee bit brighter but complaining of a headache, more painkillers, and snuggles on the sofa - soon he fell back asleep again - barely touching is dinner.  Nary a protest at bedtime.  Poor lad, I do hope he's feeling better in the morning.

There has been a fair bit of crochet fitted into January - but I'll save that for another post, me thinks... right now, I'm going to check on my boy.

Night night.

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