Friday, 1 April 2011

Exciting Times.

Really enjoying the local home educator group.  Sure, our plans do not always pan out.  Today was suppose to be our sand castel competition; alas the weather did not look promising so we cancelled - come 4pm the weather was beautiful, typical eh.   Still we met up at one of the parent's home and the kids had a ball, I sat and enjoyed an hour or so of crochet and natter and it was very relaxed and pleasant. 

Oooh and much to my excitement I think we will be going back to Thursdays as home ed day - which is perfect for me as that's my day off!

On a different tangent, I've started a meal replacement diet for a few weeks, just to get my head into loosing weight mode.  I'm only replacing a couple of meals, and eating one meal, be it lunch or tea depending on which is easier that day - and I'll snack on fruit/veg when hungry.  I've been trying to do this with homemade soup for ages but not getting anywhere (not in the sense of not loosing weight - just I'm eating the soup plus everything else lol), so I thought actually paying the eye watering prices of a meal replacement shake will hopefully give me the kick up the bum I need - plus, I'm going camping in Scotland for Beltane this year, I think a couple of stone removed would make that experience far more pleasant!  Not to mention the car journey up to Scotland - I'm doing the driving and I know I will be in agony if I don't loose a few stones.

Oooh and then the end of May it's the Green Parent Forum get together in the Forest of Dean, so looking forward to that, a few days at home, then a day trip to Haslemere for a nurtured earth event, whcih coincides with my birthday.    

Social days, busy days, but gosh so much fun and Rye is so coming out of himself - today even with C present he played lovely with some of the other kids.   Marvellous. Oooh and no backward hugging etc; about the only thing he did really, is he shut the door on C.  Our host had words with him and, unlike if I'd spoken to him, he didn't do it again :-)  Gotta love having a community around that helps with these things!

**smile**  He did fall asleep at 6pm again this evening, but he's awake now and I can hear him chattering to himself and singing.  LOL I can hear him saying to himself, "When mummy comes out of her bedroom, I'll talk at her."  bless him.  I'm guessing that "talk" will be in the realms of coming into my room.... how long can I hold out for the loo?  ;-)

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