Friday, 8 April 2011

Home Ed group & Crafting.

I am giddy.
No, seriously I am.  When I first discovered a home ed group a year and half or so ago, I was so happy and envisioned all sorts of wonderful activities and trips.  Sadly, I quickly became disillusioned because my vision did not match the groups.  Then a friend asked if I would be interested in starting a local group with her, I jumped at the chance and haven't looked back since..and that was really only a few months ago.

We have been to parks, we meet quite regularly in one of the family's home, we have plans for trips, I'm looking into Forest School, we are looking at having a rota of regular sporty events.  And today we had a crafting session.  The kids decorated cut out card egg shapes, which I'll use next week for our egg hunt.   It was lovely and relaxed, they crafted, they left when they had enough, came back again etc.  Fabulous stuff - and there were some beautiful decorating going on too.  We also have a nature walk planned, a bbq at the Coastal Park and in May, Maypole dancing.  

And I know it probably sounds really daft, but I love that these mama's feel so comfortable they are happy to discipline Rye (and vice versa), if he's doing something he really shouldn't be doing - and there's no uncomfortable atmostphere if a child does something that is unacceptable - because it's accepted that's what kids do sometimes.


Eeek said...

That's great about the being comfortable thing - kids do do stuff they shouldn't its as you sy in their nature and from time to time.... No judgement just acceptance and guidance. I would love to home school!!!

Joxy said...

Ahhh not always like that in the home ed scene tho - folks can be just as judgemental as mainstream. I suppose as with anything, it's finding those one gels with. :-)