Saturday, 9 April 2011

Taaa Daaahhhh!

Oh my gosh!  It is finished!  Yes, late last night I completed the final row of edging and it was all I could do not to screech with joy.  The granny stripe blanket has been a pleasure to make, the edging not so much; although now it's done I love it.

So shall we have a bit of a photo-a-thon :-)
I begun this adventure on 24 December 2010, while Rye was staying with his dad for Christmas.
I worried I would get bored, afterall this is the simplest of patterns, just rows of granny clusters done in stripes.  Lucy's original pattern calls for a 2 row stripe, I decided I'd like a 3 row stripe.
 This blanket became my evenings, lost in my own thoughts, project.  I'd hook away, happily daydreaming or planning the next day with the children etc.  And in between I made a host of other much smaller projects; bowls, wool soakers, head scarves, granny square cover for my chair......  till finally, late last night, I completed the final row of the edging - eye's becoming bleary, bum numb from being sat still for so long, and bladder protesting loudly!
Love the edging, again Lucy's, although I did again alter it slightly to suit me.... so I hooked 2 rows of dark purple granny clusters all around the edge, followed by 3 rows of trebles, one row of double crochet, finishing off with a scalloped edge, again adapted from Lucy's original.  I stitched a row of double crochet and then in the next row, I hooked a half treble, 2 chains, and then in the next stitch I did another half trebled, followed by 2 slip stitches in the next two stitches.  I really like it, I nearly didn't bother as I was beginning to tire of The Edge by now, but it really does finish off the blanket lovely.
Ahhhhh I so love this stripey goodness!  Ok, enough teasing, are you ready to see the blanket on my bed?... yeah?


Isn't it utterly gorgeous.  I love the blast of colour and warmth it brings to a room that white and pretty boring.

And despite been 100% acrylic, it is surprisingly soft and warm.  I rather suspect it will be journeying up to Scotland for our camping trip at the end of the month!
I'm so excited!

Although the excitement is tempered a little by Rye been ill... so here he is snuggled up in the blanket

and now gently snuffling away in sleep, all cosied up.

A few details:
Begun 24th Dec 2010, finished 8th April 2011
2 packs of Stylecraft Special DK 100% Acrylic "Lucy" colours from Masons - using approx a pack and about 3/4, the blanket has cost around £40 to make.
71 stripes, 213 rows. 
Edging 2 rows of granny clusters, 3 rows of single trebles and then 1 row of double crochet, finished off with  a scalloped edge, consisting of a row of double crochet and then another row of *one half treble, 2 chains and then another half treble in the next stitch, followed by 2 slip stitches in the next 2 stitches, repeated from "*" all the way round.


Shell said...

Wow, that looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Well done :o)

arwen_tiw said...

Oh Joxy, I LOVE it! Yay mama! One beautiful blanket. :)

mummybear said...

Utterly gorgeous indeed!!!!

beckw said...

That is LUSH hon! So so clever. Beck xxx

lilac73 said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Joxy said...

thank you, thank you :-)
I am a very proud hooker tonight... hmmm LOL.

Surprisingly quickly to work up too, while I haven't finished until now - I have had quite long stretches of not working on the blanket while I did other things.

Rye wants a blanket now - but as the weather is becoming warmer there's plenty of time - and I do have many other projects in mind.

Becks said...

Wow, absolutely stunning!
Such a fab blanket for snuggling in.
Hope Rye is better soon and lovely to have you back online and posting regularly again :)

missking said...


Joxy said...

Cheers :-)
Rye is much better, thanks. He really perked up this evening and started eating..and eating lol. So clearly feeling much better. Still, this fever, snottiness and generally feeling very unwell has become a recurring theme so I think I'll take him to the GP on Monday and just get him checked out, as it has been suggested to me that the type of snottiness he has could mean an infection :-( - coupled with these bouts of fever etc... poor kid.

Claire said...

And so you should be proud. That is lovely, and something so practical too! Well done and congratulations!

Jessica said...

Amazing colours.The blanket looks so bright and cheerful:)

Susie (September) said...

Oh my gosh, that is really beautiful!!

Earthmummy xx said...

You are so clever!! I could never do anything like that! x