Thursday, 28 April 2011

Shopping Trip.

Today's trip was the most depressing I've had to do for a while.  Purchasing Rye a pair of trousers and collared t'shirt suitable for a funeral, and a pair of shoes for myself.

The funeral is on Wednesday, I'm driving up on Tuesday with a couple of friends and we're staying over at my nephew's home, then come back Wednesday after the funeral.

Very flat since finding out the date - I suppose it's becoming more and more real.  I haven't laid eyes on Peter for years and years, so his death seems a bit unreal, well come Wednesday it will be very real indeed.

Have I mentioned how much I hate funerals?


missking said...

ahh, nothing to say really, just that i am thinking of you. xxx

Claire said...

Keeping you in my thoughts Jacqui. Glad you've got friends going up with you. Take care of yourself and Rye.

(((hugs))) and love

Michelle said...

I'll be thinking about you both, lots of hugs and take care

lilac73 said...

(((HUGS))) thoughts and prayers with you and yours this week, safe journeys and a peaceful goodbye to your brother

Kathryn said...

((hugs)) from here. Sending peaceful thoughts your way. Thinking of you and Rye. xxx

Monica said...

a sad trip indeed. i had to scroll down some to work out who Peter was. Your uncle?

it is sad to see a family diminish. but you are carrying on the family with your children.

hoping peace for you for the day.

Joxy said...

Thanks Mon.
Peter was my brother, once upon a time we were very close indeed. Sigh.