Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Sunday.

Hmm.  I tried to explain to Rye about Jesus and the Resurrection.  He didn't really get it.  I told him that there was once a man called Jesus, and he died and a few days later he woke up and he went to live with his Daddy, called "God".  Explained that some people believe that Jesus is the son of a "God".
Rye's response... "Peter is dead...."
"He's not the son of God though, darling, so he won't wake up again.  Peter will become a part of the earth."
"Aunty Kevin is a Daddy...",
"Uncle Kevin is not God, darling."

And he insisted that the chocolate car I bought him, was a chocolate cake.  Ahhh, bless his cotton socks!

He also insisted the "car cake" was a "birthday car cake".    Of course he's obessed because he loved the snowman cake that his Aunty Jen made him for his 4th birthday, and ever since he asks if he can have a birthday party and snowman cake, presents etc.  Again, not understanding that these things will not happen till his next birthday.  Bless him.

A few days ago, I went into the fridge and found a butterfly, I gently picked it up and popped it outside, all the while wondering how it had managed to get into the fridge.  Then I found the chrysalis on the inside of the door near the seal.  Hmm, might need to thoroughly clean the fridge a tad more often.  I'm assuming there was a caterpillar on cabbage etc received in my veg box, at some point.   I'm amazed it survived the cold fridge and that it "hatched".
Anyway, back to today.
Izzy texted me to ask if I wanted to go to Lathe Barn with her and kids, plus another lad she had for the day.  We didn't go in the end, simply because there weren't enough seats in her rather large van for 6 children and 2 adults.  So, instead we met her and the other kids down at the coastal park.  Very busy, but it was rather nice; lovely hot sunshine, coolish breeze off the sea, which looked so inviting and crochet!
I did have to have firm words with Rye about disappearing to another part of the park without telling me.  There's been a few warnings floating around lately of potentially dodgy people; and just the sheer numbers at the park meant I felt the need to keep him view.  Have to say, my boy, does a mean dirty look!  He was not impressed at having his freedom curtailed.
Still he had a good time;
And afterwards we went back to Izzy's, and the kids had tea, then Izzy drove Rye and myself home, and came in for a bit, for yet more crochet.  A very pleasant day, indeed.

And the shawl is coming along nicely.  22 of the 46 flowers completed.  I'll probably have it finished in a few days, however, I shan't be doing a Taa-Daa post until the 16th May, as that is when my friend's birthday is.  

In the morning, Rye is being picked up by his dad.  A child free day.  I suggested to Izzy she pop around in the evening, if she's able, and we maybe get a curry.  She radically suggested we could even go OUT!  I nearly fainted on the spot.  Out?  Wow.  So, aye, you never know, tomorrow evening I might actually be going OUT for dinner... lol or we might just be lazy and get take away and sit and crochet.


missking said...

What a lovely day. i love that park too. It is near where my friend lives. Hope you have a nice evening out!!!

missking said...

oh dear Joxy i have just looked at attic24 and now i want to learn to crochet!!! how do i start?

Becks said...

Sounds like a perfect day.
Lol at the fridge guest - I really need to give my fridge a good clean out but you know, so much more fun stuff to distract me.....
Oooh, an evening out, lovely. Or even an evening in with food, friends and crochet, tough decision!
Blessings to you and Rye.

Joxy said...

4.5mm hook is a good one to start with, and some DK yarn in a light colour so you can easily see the stitches, and then have a nosey at YouTube, I hear there are lots of tutorials on there.

Hehehe it was a lovley day, Becks. And I'm looking forward to today too, whether we go out or not, being able to sit and crochet without having to get up to play, make snacks, get drinks, wipe bum, rub knocked knees and elbows, clean up spills, etc lol. Just sit and indulge..oooh, in fact I'm gonna go now and get on with that little piece of bliss.

Susie (September) said...

Glad you had such a great day, Rye is sooo sweet, love the cake car!
That butterfly is amazing, i would have thought the fridge would have been too cold for it too hatch, that's really special.

Have a lovely evening in/out :-) xx

Rose said...

love your conversation about easter ... haven't even ventured that way with mine yet. Much love X

*❀*ℳḯʟʟḯ℮ ℳεα∂☺ωSẘℯℯ☂*❀* said...

the butterfly story is a kind of resurrection story too.
your son is ace, he makes me smile :o)