Thursday, 21 April 2011

More sun, garden and crochet.

Ahh bliss.
I have actually enjoyed today; and for a little while I even "forgot" about Pete's death and looming funeral, although I don't think a date will be set until next week.

Anyway, today.
Well, another glorious day, incredibly warm - in fact it feels like summer here in Folkestone.  Even in the shade it's pleasantly warm, whereas a few short weeks ago it was warmish in the sun but darn nippy in the shade!  This morning I was minding, and it was a pleasant morning, minimal squabbling and tetchiness over sharing things... indeed there was some excellent sharing/takeing turns going on at times.  Kids really do mirror your emotional state.  Beginning of the week when I was pretty miserable, far too quick to shout, and just a litany of "Don't do that and this" and "Stop!" and well just harranging the kids basically, to the past few days when I've found a bit more balance in my moods, (all hail crochet lol), and the children have played together better, being more cooperative, and when talking to the children I've been more postitive rather than only seeing the negative.  Which makes for a much more pleasant time together.

The crochet project is coming along nicely, I really love the play of the colours as I work it together.  I'm creating each motif and working in ends as I go, so I don't have a multitude left at the end, and I'm joining as I go, which is slowing me down a bit; but it's worth it.  My only concern is that the cotton I'm using is quite thick and doesn't feel as soft as I expected when worked up; so I'm not sure how comfortable it will be to wear.  Does look beautiful though.  I fully plan to make myself one, although i have a slightly different configuration in mind and I've seen some gorgeous, gorgeous yarn I want to make it from.  The Mini Mochi flaming rainbow colourway is beautiful and I think would make a gorgeous shawl, and as it's a thin yarn should also drape beautifully...which is a concern I'm having with the rico creative cotton, aran. 

Today has pretty much been spent in the garden, Izzy and her children came around this afternoon, the older kids did some work at the garden table, lol under protest, before going off to play, although I think they enjoyed my interest in what they were doing.  And then Izzy and I sat and chatted, and tried to figure out where she was in a pattern for a lovely cardy from the Stitch and Bitch book.  Wow, the pattern is quite hard to understand; but I think we got there eventually.  If you have the stitch and bitch book (Happy Hooker), it's the purple cardy in it.    And then it was time for Izzy and kids to go and I had snuggles with Rye, a wee snooze on the sofa.  Lately it gets to half four/five o'clock and I find myself feeling exhausted, I do perk up again, but for a wee while I feel utterly shattered, yet it's too late to have a nap really.  More snuggle with Rye, watched a bit of Miss Spider/Sunny Patch dvd with him and then bed for him and a bit of a catch up on here.

Tomorrow spritz around the house, prepare food for a Home Ed group bbq tomorrow, and then in the afternoon, the bbq at the park across from my house.  Looking forward to it, weather looks like it will be glorious again.. and after that I have a few days off for the Easter break, which I'm so looking forward to and also Rye is visiting is dad on Monday, back Tuesday evening.  I have plans so I don't turn in Miss Mardy Pants - not that's there anything with grieving of course, but I am a bit of a wallower, so keeping busy is good for me; and I am still giving myself time to grieve too - but it does kinda feel a bit in limbo at the moment, once the date for the funeral is known, then I'm sure it will hit me more; so again rather relieved for the bank holiday's and time off from work to give me that opportunity to grieve without the need to put on a "brave" face, as it were, for the kids.

Anyhoos, I'm off to crochet some more :-) 

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