Friday, 20 May 2011

Art & Craft Supplies.

So, I took a wander over to Opitec to restock on paints etc and somehow managed to spend £95.47!  Ouch.

Mind, I have bought some cool bits:
Tempura paints 8x 1litre bottles
 I did hum and arr for a long time over whether to buy the school set of paints for £23.29, but as I go through the small pots of poster paints like wildfire, and the quality isn't brilliant, I decided to splash out.
 Rye modellilng the protective overalls I bought at £3.59 each.   "Mummy, take the photo now while I'm smiling!"  LOL.
 And this little haul.  100g of feathers - we use a lot of feathers in this house!  Pipe cleaners - lovely long ones too!  A french knitting set, white chalk, effect brushes, some mdf shapes; butterlies and flowers, 2x water colour art pads, and some refillable glue pens - what a fanastic idea I thought - again I go through glue pens very quickly - refillable ones have got to be more economical AND better for the environment.
Foam letters - I picked these up because I saw a game on "No time for Flashcards", in which foam letters were stuck onto baby food jar lids.  Well, I don't have baby food jar lids, but I thought I could improvise with card or something.  The game is find the pair, and it's the sort of thing Rye enjoys doing - how much more enjoyable to make your own game before playing  :-)
 I'm normally a bit wary of MDF as there are all sorts of concerns about fumes that are emitted etc.  But as I have plans for these out of doors, I thought they would be ok.
 Ok I confess, I just thought these looked fun!
 For me, me, me.  LOL.  I do already have masking fluid, which one is suppose to paint on using a brush - 'cept it ruins brushes and is really difficult to get nice thin lines......... soooo when I saw this I "Oooohhhh'd" rather loudly.
And finally, I picked up four mdf stools, again for outdoors.  I have a wee table upstairs that will make an ideal little table for the garden, so I wanted some stools.  These were on sale at £3.90 each, and the children get to decorate them, themselves, which I thought was rather cool.

So there you go, that is what £100 of art and craft supplies looks like.


Becks said...

Eeek, £100!
Glad I'm not of your profession J!
Looks like lots of fun ahead though


Pippa said...

That's £100 well spent, I'd say. I think it's hugely important for children to have access to decent art equipment. I've bought cheaper stuff in the past, but it's disappointing to use and children have pride in their work just as much as adult artists do in my opinion. Don't you love the smell of art equipment too. Probably it's me being weird (again!), but that smell of paint and pencils and craft glues etc just gets me all fired up for creativity! Rye's a lucky lad to have such a crafty mum! xxxxxx

Crystalrainbow said...

oh ouchhhhhh indeed but a lovely stash :) dont think you can ever have enough crafty bits heheheh im just off to ebay for a spend too x x x x

Val said...

Hello, I already tried posting and it wiped it grr. Anyhoo, thanks for popping by the new blog and the kind words. Your little man is growing like a weed lovey, good to see.