Thursday, 19 May 2011

Forest School.

Ever so excited.  Today at home ed group I met with the Education Ranger and we are setting up a Forest School group from September.  It really looks brilliant and she is so flexible, no problems with parents staying with children, happy for the group to be mixed ages, will tailor a progamme to our requirements etc.   The ER told me that she's received funding to build an outdoor classroom; so when the weather is less than salubrious, there will be plenty of shelter.   All good stuff.
Brockhill was a very good choice today.    Two home days with only garden outdoor time, and Rye has been full of beans and driving me insane with his boisteriousness.    These days I do tend to be out and about quite a bit, so I'd forgotten just how important going somewhere with space for Rye to run off some energy, is.

Lol little unsteady after getting off the roundabout
Attempt to climb over the top... er maybe not this time
Other news;  I'm taking on a new mindie.  A wonderful little chap, of about 14 months old.  His mum is a neonatal nurse, whom is also training to become a Doula. How fab is that!  

In all a very good day :-)

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Lou said...

Exciting news about the Forest school. I'm sure you will have a great time. I have just started working with two new classes this term and they are loving it. Enjoy xx