Thursday, 12 May 2011

Whirling thoughts.

Tuesday, we went over to M's house, this entailed myself, Rye, the little girl I mind and the little boy.  We went over because M and Izzy are going through the Letterland scheme with their kids and I thought Rye might enjoy it, the and it has an added bonus of being something I can put down in the minded kids' observation folders.
Rye was a tad resistant, combination of the playroom been quite noisy and busy with so many children in it (about 11), and of course he'd been upstairs playing with trains and that's what he wanted to do.  He did engage in the activitiy though, and did rather well.

I am also beginning to accept that Rye may well be on the spectrum - well we are all on the spectrum, but yesterday I was looking at this site and was quite amazed to discover that Rye has a lot of the behaviours/traits in each of the various SPD caterogories, and in some I could tick nearly ever behaviour.  I am finding this all very scary and have to keep reminding myself, that just because I think he might be on the spectrum, doesn't change who he is, all it does is perhaps help me be more patient with behaviours that do drive me around the bend - and accept that these are things he cannot help but do - and he's not been spoiled, brattish or a little sod. 

Been more aware and researching sensory processing disorders and learning how parents cope with various things, can only be a good thing.  I am seriously considering asking for a referral to have Rye assessed, I do hear concerns about children being labelled that having a diagnosis could be limiting; yet I keep coming back to - would I be failing Rye if I did not check this out?  Sure I can, and I am, researching these disorders, I can read books, I can speak to parents with children who are on the spectrum etc, however, would I be spiting myself for the sake of it, if I refused to engage with professionals in this area - and would I be doing Rye a disservice?

So yes, a lot of thoughts whirling around, and a lot of emotional stuff to deal with too. 
This parenting milarkey never gets any easier, does it!  Certainly keeping me on my toes!


Arlenkern74(cornish mummy) said...

Reu too is on the spectrum as am I , I have been thinking about diagnosis but then we have a few good days and I forget about it , I need to gather some thoughts on coping strategies as by wednesday we are both ragged out xx nope parenting isn't easy eh xxxx

Fiona said...

I also have a child on the spectrum, and like you I struggled with the decision about getting an 'official' diagnosis.

In the first place it allowed me to step back and deal more effectively with a lot of her behavior, and some research into coping techniques improved things a lot.

Now 6 months on I am happy with how things are progressing. We never did get an official diagnosis, becasue after much looking into it, I decided that at this point in time there would be little benefit for Emily herself. But if you would gain any benefit from diagnosis then I would say go for it.