Sunday, 19 June 2011

Busy Days.

Life is mostly outdoors at ther moment, often out in the garden, well inbetween rain showers anyway, me that is, not the children, nope, they have discovered a love of playing in the rain and rolling in the mud.  Bless 'em, and bless waterproofs!

Most days Rye and myself get on our bikes and go for a ride, be it to the local supermarket, the garage (has a wee M&S shop in it), or down to nursery to pick up one of my mindies - and yesterday we attempted a further a field ride and went all the way down to the high street, so I could post my season swap gift.  Then onto the recreation grounds so Rye could practise further his riding skills, and I could sit down and let my knees recover.

Going very well until Rye took a bit of a dive and planted his face into the pavement, oh my, my heart.  Thankfully, he was wearing his helmet which reduced the impact and he had all his waterpoofs on, so just a few minor scrapes:

A grazed nose and some grazes on his hands:
He was very brave while I cleaned the grit and dirt out of the wounds, personally I would have left them to "air" but Rye was quite insistent he wanted a plastic (plaster) on and cream too.  So I obliged, and today he's removed the plasters and the grazes are healing nicely.  And of course a cookie always helps things along..
There has been indoor play too, using the beanbag as a slide:
Incidently a friend gave me some clothes for Rye, some of which he's wearing, oh he loves that t'shirt...but I find myself feel quite negative about it... I think because it just makes him look such a grown up boy... but then he cuddles me on a morning, with his big beautiful grin and I know he will always be my little boy, not matter how big he gets.

But anyway, sliding...
Amazing how much play that bean bag has had - never anticipated it would be so popular when I bought it!

This week we also went to Port Lympne Animal Park, which was brilliant, of course I forgot my camera - arrgh.  Rye wasn't that fussed at first, he enjoyed the ride round the park looking at the animals, although he did keep saying to me, excitedly, "Mum, mum, look seagulls!"  Hmmm.  lol
However, when we got off at the second stop and just happened to hit feeding time, Rye was quickly enamoured with the Tigers and hyenas.  Then we walked up a hill, that nearly caused me to expire, and at the top were monkeys and gorillas, one upside of my slow walk up the hill is that by the time I made it up, the gorgillas had been fed and so there was a mama gorilla with a babe sat right next to the windows, and then a male sauntered over with a branch of leaves and sat in front of us and began to eat.  It was brilliant.  The other gorillas were up on the various appartus for them to the climb on.

Rye didn't want to leave when it was time for us to move, but he enjoyed the maze, and then another hill which nearly caused me to expire.  And we were back at base camp and just one more steep hill to navigate and then we were back at the ticket/gift shop and I was kissing the drinks machine - gosh I was parched.

The zoo visit wa a home ed thing, and I think everyone enjoyed it, we got a little wet but not too bad, and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves.

Other stuff that's been happening, is Rye's progress with the Reading Eggs programme.  He's doing really well, although I think he may be zipping through a bit fast and not taking in the lessons, as he does struggle with the lessons he's now on, which involve him reading words on the screen and making sentences out of them.  Mind, I had a proud moment, while he was doing the beanbag sliding, he suddenly looked up at the letter C on the door and said, "C" and then ran his finger along the word written inside, and said, "Cat, begins C".  I was so chuffed, sure he may have just remembered, but it did appear that he'd actually read the word "cat". 

Ohhh what else, well Rye has seen his dad, seemed to enjoy himself, and it was nice to be able to concentrate on mindie for a few days - plus she is a lot calmer without Rye to wind her up and get over excited about. 

I do have some Ta Daahh's to come but those will have to wait a wee bit - couple of things I made for the season swap, and something else for someone, whose not received it yet, so that will have to wait a wee bit before I reveal.

Right - teatime.


beckw said...

Alfie only wants to do each lesson once although they recommend 3 times. He too struggles with some of the harder stuff now but I just think, oh well he's picked some stuff up from it and I'm not going to tell him to re-do stuff. We are unschooling after all ;) Loving the bean bag action shots ;)

Joxy said...

I've suggested it to Rye and he doesn't seem to mind re-doing some of them. He's not keen on the letter searches though, so he tends to skip that. But I don't mind, he's learning and having fun and that's what it's all about.

Fiona said...

We are also doing Reading Eggs, and my eldest daughter learnt to read that way about 18 months ago.

She just turned 6 and is reading things like 'What Katy Did' and 'The Magic Faraway Tree' with ease! What I found (and am seeing again with my youngest) is that if you let them race ahead (I did) eventually they sort of drift to a natural halt. At that point they can't move forwards easily, so they gently drift backwards to repeat the lessons.

I am sure you could also slow their progress by insisting thy repeat stuff, but the self led approach worked for us, and kept the whole thing fun.

Love the bike helmet pics too Jacqui. We went through a phase of the same crashes - cost me a fortune in new helmets!

Joxy said...

Oh that's interesting, oh I'll just leave him to it, then, if he wants to repeat lessons he knows how to.

Oooh, I'd not even considered that he might need a new helmet... will he for a wee tumble?