Sunday, 12 June 2011

Last few days.

Have been good.  Lots of cycling.  Rye is progressing beautifully, and I feel more confident too.

This morning we cycled to Tesco - yes I know boo hiss, but it's just the right distance for Rye and bonus there is a nice wide path away from a busy road.  He road in front, and I behind him.  He did so well, although he panicks a little if there is anyone on the path and stops way before he needs to. After Tesco (I just needed some milk), we cycled to Auntie Jen's, she lives a couple of streets over, so it was an easy ride too.

Gosh, I have to say I'm loving how much more quickly we can get to places too.  Tescos is easily walkable..but just so much more convenient with the bikes :-)  I am really looking forward to when I'm a bit fitter and can use a trailer so I can still take Rye out during the week when I'm minding. 

Anyway, we cycled back from Aunty Jen's, and it literally took a few moments, I left the bikes out in the garden as I had planned to take Rye out again this evening, but he fell asleep after Tea so while he slept I put the bikes away, and actually, it had started to get a bit windy, cold and raining quite heavily; and as much as I'm enjoying cycling; it's fair weather all the way lol.

While I cooked tea, (free range pork chops, mash, carrots and broccoli with gravy), Rye went on Reading Eggs.  I am so glad I decided not to get all dictorial on him about doing lessons before playing games, because this evening, he did about 5 of the lessons!   Autonmonous learning at its best, me thinks.   It was so lovely to be pottering around, coming over to to watch Rye, help him when he got stuck, and then get on with tea etc.  Very pleasant, seemed almost a perfect home edding evening, if that makes sense.

And wow, that boy has hollow leg syndrome at the moment.  I gave him basically an adult portion of tea and he scarfed the lot.  Fell asleep afterwards and then woke up, (he's doing jigsaws at the moment), and said he was hungry!   Hungry?  How the heck can he be hungry??????  Madness.  

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