Saturday, 25 June 2011

New Boy.

My new mindie started with me properly today.  Long days for the little mite, his mum came round at 6am this morning and picked him up about 9.20pm this evening.  Texted her throughout the day, as she was very worried about leaving him with someone whose not family, but he did brilliantly.  He did cry initially, after she left for work, but he soon picked up with the twin joys of Thomas the Tank Engine dvd and tree blocks, and once my other mindie woke and Rye was up, well he was happy as larry.  We did have intermittent tears, but that was just when he wanted something, or couldn't get something he wanted.  Strange having a wee one in the house again, he's about the same age as when the little girl started with me, and she'll soon be 3 now. 

He will be staying nights too, as his mum is a nurse, so to test it out a little, I did take him upstairs in the afternoon to see if he would settle and he did lovely, laid next to him and sang softly and he soon drifted off, I confess I drifted off too (well I was up at 5.20am lol).  Few tears when he woke, but that was soon fixed with his drink bottle and a breadstick. :-)   And oooh he loved tea, pasta with tomatoe sauce and garlic bread :-)

I have him tomorrow, another long day, and then Monday night, then a few days break.  But, I think he will fit in just fine, tomorrow I'm kinda expecting him to be upset when his comes, as he'll know what it means now, but by this evening he was happy to sit and cuddle with me and read stories and what not, so he's starting to bond with me lovely, so I know he'll be fine and will settle down and have fun.  It will just be me and him tomorrow as Rye is visiting with his dad, was suppose to be today, but tis the Triennial here, so we popped into town, but the crowds worried Rye a little so we didnt' stay long, plus I needed to get back for the little girl to be picked up after lunch.

Not much sign of this apparent heatwave though, well, it was warm, muggy in fact; but the sun didn't make an appearance until this afternoon and then it was very diluted.  Perhaps tomorrow will be better, certainly the little one loves been out in the garden, so fingers crossed we can have a pleasant day out there; probably take him down to the park too.

Right bed, I need to be up at 5am; I couldn't be bothered to empty and refill the dishwasher this evening, so I'll have to do in the morning.  Probably regret it tomorrow, but right now, my bed is calling.

night night.


Sharonmanc said...

ooooh fab news on the little one, sounds like it was a sucessfull day.

Dawn said...

"Business" is booming for you these day, so pleased you're getting a steady flow of mindees now.
I think the heatwave is coming today here and as we're along the coast from you you'll probably have similar heat today. Yesterday started off with drizzle but as it cleared it up the heat and muggyness came and it was hot overnight here.

Have fun bonding with the new little boy, lucky boy to have a lovely home to go to while mommy works x

Joxy said...

Thanks ladies :-)
Well, he proved me wrong, he cried when his mum went out the door and then immediately cheered up, and bless his socks, he then fell asleep, as did I on the sofa, snuggled against me. We slept until 9.10 when Rye woke and came downstairs.

In fact the Rye had more tears when his dad came to collect him. He decided he didn't want to go and was very upet. Kept clinging to me, coaxed him to go and hopefully he's having a wonderful time now, if he's like that next time I think his dad and I will have to reconsider him going over for a wee while, but we'll see how it goes. Although I suspect his reluctance today was simply the little boy was here and Rye wanted to stay and play. Probably thought he was going to miss out. Bless him. Felt sorry for his dad though as Rye kept saying to him he didn't want to go with him. But I knew that if his dad went he would then cry he wanted to go. Ahhh so difficult.

Sharonmanc said...

I have this with my 8 year old and his Dad, one minute he cant wait to go, the next he does nto want to, and I knwo his Dad feels it on days like that. I am so glad little one is settling so well.

I am in th eprocess of getting ready for my pre reg course, cant wait to get up and running, although I know it will be a long while yet