Thursday, 23 June 2011


A girlie night.  I had 3 girls from a couple of home ed families stay over last night.  They seemed to enjoy themselves, midnight feast, (tho not at midnight lol), staying up a bit too late etc, and naturally up at a thoroughly indecent hour this morning.  They feasted on pancakes and summer berry syrup, and then went over to the park for a little while, we also made beeswax candles using the sheets, and clay holders, they played restaurant, I played scrabble with the older girl... and she bet me!  First time I've been beaten by a child in YEARS!

Then it was time to take the sisters home, and cycle down to their home.  Its about a mile from here, which isn't very fair, but I am very unfit; still it was ok, I enjoyed it, and Rye loved the longer ride.  This afternoon was spent crafting.  We had planned to go to Brockhill, but the heavens opened up, and well, we decided not to risk it, and just instead invaded the home of one of the families :-)  Good afternoon, the kids seemed to really enjoy the crafting, we made plans for weeks to come of things to do, board games, sports day, trip to Dover Castle, Brockhill park, oh and many other things I can't remember now lol.  Oooh something we are planning is to split the group with the younger children doing finger painting etc, and the older children will explore various painting techniques; and we'll splilt the group for some crochet sessions too.  All lovely exciting stuff.

And then this evening Rye and I, cycled back.  I was a little nervous as it's a slight incline back, and like I said, I'm very unfit.  But actually it was ok.... probably helped that we were stopping so often and getting off the bikes to cross the roads.  The only time I had to properly stop because I was tired, was going past the Bowls green; bit of an incline there and I got half way and my knees began to protest.  So we walked the, gosh, 50 yards if that, to the top and then got back on the bikes on the flat.   Rye loved it.  I enjoyed it too, I confess the getting on and off the bikes was a bit of a pain, but Rye is not competent enough, or have any inkling of road sense for me to risk him riding on the road, so for now, we ride on pavements and thus, that means lots of getting on and off to cross over transecting roads.

Ooooh, and remember Tuesday was the Equinox, Wednesday I went into town and picked up my season swap gift from the sorting office.  Oh my!  Beautiful.  An absolutely gorgeous flower fairy, called Daisy.  I'm not entirely sure of the exact technique, some sort of felting... but wow she is sooooooo soft.  I have taken photos, but alas, I've just realised I've left my camera at my friend's house.  LOL it wouldn't be a home ed group meet up at hers, if I didn't forget something!

But I'll post photos once I've got the camera back.

Oooh... and a quick Taaaaa Daaaa!  What I made for my GP mama, I downloaded these photos the other day, and I know she received them safely, so I can reveal here now :-)
 Colourful coasters for those lovely cool summery drinks........  (I like to be optimistic!)
 Birdie Decorations, I changed the pattern ever so slightly, the bird below is falling the pattern from Attic 24, but I wasn't overly keen, perhaps white for the wings wwasn't the best idea, reminded me of two chicken breasts slapped on the side lol.  So I had a wee tinker and produce the bird above - I thought leaving off the wings, but adding tail feathers worked really well - and I worked into the back loops of the stitches to give a raised effect, which I liked too.
Really enjoyed making these, and plan to make a few for myself to hang around the house :-)


Laura, Russ, Phoebe and Ezra said...

Love your crocheted beauties! Have pinned them on my pinterest board for inspiration! ;) Thank you for sharing x

Sara said...

Ahh... This little birdie is perfect! Happy to see you at Tangle Happy. Wishing you a happy week. :)