Saturday, 23 July 2011

Ahhh that's better.

Yup, I'm feeling much better.  And I'm loving juicing, and it's a great way to get extra goodness in Rye.

A very successful smoothie I made today, I named Ruby Red Smoothie.  Yum, it's basically banana and beetroot, with some celery and kiwi.  Really creamy and sweet, we both loved it:
And as there are not many photos of Rye and myself together, I thought I'd take another:
A friend has had Rye the past 2 days, bringing him home, just before bedtime.  So I've been able to rest and when not sleeping watching Burn Notice.  Quite like it... it's basically McGyver with a bit more edge.  Anyway, waking up today and feeling pretty much normal, meant I owed Rye some together time.  Asked him what he wanted to do, and he said magnets..... so exploring invisible forces it was.
Checking out different objects to see which would "stick" to the magnet or not.  He also tested the various appliances in the kitchen and the cupboard doors.
And look, look, he's holding the pen properly!  Its a Stablio pen which is designed for lefties, and it's making a world of difference. 
Discovering opposite attract and the same repels.  He was very fascinated with this, and loved how the magnet moved on it's own.  This is science, and its magic all at the same time :-)

We explored how the magnets worked on colour doodle, and I showed him that it was the same principle as with the iron filings in the tub, that moved when he moved the magnet over the top.

And after we'd explored different things with magnets and learned that some metals are attracted to magnets but some, noteably, aluminium foil, is not... we moved on and I asked him what else he'd like to do.  This is fun time with mama, and he chooses.......................... workbooks.

Have to say thought, it was pretty exciting to see how much easier he found the handwriting exercises with the new pen.  He even told me off at one point because I didn't read the instructions on one of the pages to him, bless him.

It's been an interesting day, dvds, helping with the housework:
Making juices/smoothies, washing up, playing in the garden.

The one blight, he appears to be coming down with a cold.  He'd had some 7 up a friend bought me while I was ill and not eating much, and I thought it was that, something in fizzy drinks make me snotty and I've noticed it does the same to Rye - which is why I limit fizzy now..and Rye has only ever had it rarely.  Alas no, it's a cold, he's coughing, spluttering and sneezing.  So I'm hoping the juices will help with getting some vitamins and goodness into his system and boosting his immune system.

He's not a big fan of herbal teas, he will drink them sometimes, cold, I was thinking though I have some echinea tea, i wonder if I could mix it with a juice... don't see why not.   He's not running a temp at the mo, so with any luck be able to nip it in the bud before the cold manages to take hold proper.  We'll see.


Claire said...

What a wonderful picture to see when I logged on today! Really brought a smile to my face, and so glad you are feeling better. Hope Rye manages to fight it off easily.

Woolly Wanderer said...

Glad that you are better, but hope Rye doesn't suffer it's the last thing you need. I'm sure those smoothies will sort him. I do remember reading on Soulmama that she makes echinacea herb tea and fruit juice ice popsicles. I'm sure if you peruse her site you'll find the recipe for them.

hugs to you both

San x

Tracy Coldwell said...

Hey I bought Keelan those pens too, he's severly dyslexic. Did nothing for the spelling but he found it much easier to hold and manipulate ;-) They're good aren't they?