Monday, 18 July 2011

Annual leave.

And of course it's hammering it down, and according to the forecast will continue to rain all week.  Gah.

Before the rain hit, we had some fun in the tent:
Actually the tent is still up, and withstanding the rain beautifully.  I would rather like to take it down now though, but have to kinda wait for a few hours of dry weather so the tent is dry before I pack it away - I would be gutted if it got mouldy and unusable!  And it is providing a useful playroom for Rye and his friends, rather than everyone packed into my small lounge.

Rye is still very much into workbooks.  I sat with him outside at the garden table and we did a few pages from each of his books.  I confess to not quite understanding the logic of the alphabet one though.

I would have thought it made more sense to have a page showing lots of different items that began with the letter "a", "b" etc.  But the page doesn't, apart from the sticker to put on the page they have very little to do with the letter the page is suppose to be about.  I don't get that, I must confess.  Still Rye is enjoying doing the books, so perhaps he'll take soemthing from it, and if not, well he's enjoyed himself.

I am liking the Thomas handwriting book:
Rye loves this book, and it is pretty well done, of course the skinflint part of me, does keep thinking I could have easily created these pages for him without actually buying the book... but there again, I suppose to has saved me sitting down one evening creating this.

Rye sat for hours the other evening with his different sizes and shapes book; even without being able to read properly, he was able to figure out in a general way what was expected, I didn't bother getting all anal about him doing it "correctly" and just left him to explore, and offered advice, instruction if he asked for it.

I can't see myself buying many more of these though, there are plenty of free printable worksheets if Rye continues to enjoy doing this sort of thing.  I really must get some folders too, I do want to do some lapbooks with him based on the alphabet, and I think that will re-enforce his reading eggs practise more than doing these workbooks... and admittedly it appeals more to me too, the workbooks I personally find deathly boring.

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Dawn said...

I found those sorts of workbooks pretty dire too - Imogen would pick them up in charity shops and the like and wanted them - I didn't mind for 20p but wouldn't spend much on them. You can source much better material online, we used to look at stuff together and she would pick out things she liked, they made more sense too.

Hope the weather picks up for you. It's odd weather here lately - lots of rain in short bursts and overnight, then hot and sunny; sort of weather you never know whether to take a coat out with you or not. Bit chillier this week too. Come back Summer!