Thursday, 14 July 2011

HE Beach Sports Day.

Fantastic day!
I was a little concerned when the Gods had a wee stamp on the clouds and shook off some rain, but thankfully they soon got over their fit of pique, and the rest of the afternoon was dry.  Not sunny really, but warm still and well, sun or not the kids had a wonderful time.

Rye didn't join in much, but then I was rather busy with the organising of the games, so not as on hand to be encouraging him to join in, saying that, he found something much more precious...
An adult male to play with!  The tall chap is the eldest of one our HE mama's he was brilliant with the kids, and Rye clearly adored him!
The games we picked went down really well - from the three legged race above, to wave jumping (very popular), to
Limbo.   Well it started off as Limbo, and then became who could crawl under the lowest stick.  This kept the kids amused, even the older ones, for AGES!  Seriously, people, sand and a peice of garden cane!
Naturally there had to be some trench and hole digging too....
Volley ball.
rounders..and just a lot of enjoying the sand and company:
The weather did mean we were much lighter in numbers than anticipated - pah southern softies :P..hehehe.  Still, for the children and adults who did come, the day was such a success we plan to do another one after the school holidays (sandy beach is very busy during the summer).

And Rye, bless his cotton socks is fast asleep! 

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Susie said...

Looks great!! And i'm a tad jealous, we have to drive miles to find a remotely sand beach here!