Friday, 8 July 2011


I was browsing Amazon, as you do, and noticed that the Vango 5 man Teepee tent was reduced even further... and so I've bought it.  Popped up in the garden, much to the delight of the children, and oooooh me like.  I don't really see how 5 adults could sleep in that tent  but it's plenty big enough for Rye and me. 

I had thought to leave it up a while and use it as a den for the kids, but it really is much bigger than I anticipated, so I'll leave it up over the weekend, and then it will have to come down.  I've promised Rye we'll sleep in it tomorrow night.
 And it saites, somewhat, the bell tent craving, which I have decided against purely because I have no where to dry a bell tent if it got wet. 
Assuming the weather is looking ok for the Mercian in Sepember, this is the tent I will take with  me, if it's looking like it could be very wet, I'll take my other tent, which has that hydrothingymegig of 3000 and is double skinned.
 I'm on annual leave in a couple of weeks, I may actually take Rye camping for a few nights, only locally, but I can't imagine he will mind.  ;-)

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Dawn said...

Looks lovely and spacious x
Many adventures and lots of fun ahead in that. Love the colours too x