Thursday, 4 August 2011

Not so hot.

No, not in the slightest.  It has rained, and rained, and rained some more.  The garden needs it though, so I suppose I can't grumble, just a bit annoying because the summer months are disappearing rapidally, and it's beginning to look like the hot spell very early this spring was our summer.

It's been an interesting day.  Knee was a bit better this morning, and once I'd been up and walking around for a bit it had eased considerably - then i sat down for a bit, and when I got up, I could barely walk again.  So, when I popped out to the council offices to see the Housing people to give them copies of my contracts, I bought a walking stick.

Not overly impressed with needing one; but needs must, and it is helping a lot.  Mainly with that intital getting up stage where my knee has stiffened up and putting weight on it take my breath away.  The stick also helps with getting upstairs too.  With any luck as the weight continues to come off the burden on my knees will ease sufficently not to hurt anymore.  I really don't know what I've done though, it's normally my left knee that gives me gip - and this time it's my right.  I just stood up the other day, and yelped and had to sit back down.  And then couldn't walk on it properly, so was kinda hobbling along holding onto furniture, walls etc.  Eased and all was good yesterday, until the taxi back from the beach, as I got out of the taxi and put weight on my knee it just went again.  I say "went again" nothing clicked or gave away, it just felt like the top part of my knee and fallen over the lower part and I couldn't put weight on it again and was hobbling and it got progressively worst.  This morning it felt less painful and the arnica gell helped.  Once I'd been up, and tidied round, filled the dishwasher etc it felt fine.

Unfortunately, I then sat down and began a tank top for Rye, and when i tried to get up I had to sit back down because it was so painful again.  I can't stand ALL day, so while out I bought a walking stick, and oooh that's much better.  I'm finding once I've been moving around for a bit, I'm fine, the stick just helps with the initial limbering back up stage... and it's proving very useful for getting otu of my friend's van too, because I can put weight on the stick while I ease myself out, and thus not jarring my knees further.

Despite the knee, it's been a pretty good day.  I was working this morning, and I had to laugh at the kids.  They decided playing in the sand pit in the pouring rain was FUN, and naturally got soaked.  I'd taken the gazebo over the pit down as I was worried it would get damage if the wind got up.  I left the one over the decking up, and so far it's withstanding the rain and wind ok... although, tomorrow I might lower the legs on it so it's protected more.  This afternoon Izzy and her kids came over and played.  LOL five kids in my wee lounge and 2 adults is a bit of a squeeze, but we managed, and then this evening, Izzy took us all down to Kidz Planet for a National Autistic Society fun evening.  Rye had a ball, he absolutely loved it and bonus, he ran off energy and because it was only kids on the spectrum in there, it was pretty quiet.  So I sat and crocheted some more and also chatted to other mums.

I confess my head has gone back in the sand about seeking a diagnosis, in part because I'm not sure if its worth it, in that home eduators do not seem to be able to access much in the way of support.  However, as my knee is bum, and I've decided to get myself an appt about it, I might as well also discuss referals for Rye, and see where that takes me.  Not entirely sure if I'll get anywhere, a friend asked for a referal for her boys and was told by Foxwood, (where kids here are assessed), that they would nto do it unless the she put her kids in school!  And I sure as hell ain't putting Rye in school.  While I think he would enjoy parts of school, I really do think he would struggle with being told what to do; and I've seen how he sometimes struggles when with the Home Ed lot and we do craft sessions.  He sometimes takes himself off on his own because he finds all the children a little stressful, and that can lead to him being resistant to joining in - which I imagine school will only excerbate.  And this is a boy who loves crafting!  One on one he will do anything I suggest and loves sitting with me doing workbooks, of all things, but in a group setting he can get quite upset.

Still, I can but enquire about referals and see where it takes me.  It was quite noticeable being around a lot of children on the spectrum and recognising quite a lot of his traits in the other children there.

And on a completely different note:  I've  picked up a few books from Amazon that I've been eyeing for a while:
Lovely, lovely books and the Master Class one has a lot of advance techniques that I've been interested in a while, plus a few I've not heard of before.  I confess it was the cover of the book that attracted me... I love that piece of crochet it has on the front.  And the freeform one, again attracted by the front cover, and a form of crochet that I find so attractive.  This book basically shows you how the pieces are built up, and has a few motifs and different crafts that can be added to crochet felting, weaving, various sewing stitches etc.  Very pretty indeed.
I also picked up some fiction books too; The Dresden Files, I watched the series when it was originally aired and enjoyed it; apparently the books are quite a bit different but as its been so long since I watched it, I thought I'd get the first four books to read.  Fiction isn't something I read much these days and I've been looking for something and this sounded right up my ally :-)  Oooh, and that cotton I mentioned a while back, that I bought from the local yarn shop for 99p per ball:
I have much more yarn than showing here, the great thing about this yarn is its specifically made to stripe for crochet... so I'm using the two different shades to create a tank top for Rye.  I am following a pattern in a book; but as the book using 4ply and only goes up to the the age of 4 (and Rye is wearing anything up to 6-7yr old clothes), I'm adapting the pattern quite a bit.  Well, basically the pattern is a template for the shape and I'm figuring it out as I go along.  Once I'm a bit further along, I'll pop up a photo.

Right bedtime.  I'm shattered.


Lisa White said...

Ah, there's nothing better than teaching one on one in the comfort and safety of your own home.

I've gone and forgotten how to crochet. I'd only done a couple of rows admittedly and that was about a year or so ago. Yesterday I looked at the little piece I'd started all that time ago and can't remember the first thing. I'm going to ask my mother-in-law, I bet she knows :) Maybe you could do a post to show us???

Fiona said...

Sorry to hear about your knee problems Jacui. You might find you get a lot of relief from a TENS machine. I have a small one I have used over the years, and the effects can be amazing.

In the end I had to have surgery to resolve my problems (but then they were long term and fairly chronic) but the TENS machine helped me delay surgery for a long time.

I got mine from but I think they probably sell them in places like Boots too.

September (Susie) said...

Oooh, hope you knee is better soon - sounds painful, and just what you don't need with an active little boy keep up with!