Monday, 5 September 2011

Forest School.

Home Ed Forest School began Thursday 1st September.
I've been at the Mercian Gathering since the 2nd, so not had chance to update.

Well, it was fabulous.  In the main it was great for the kids; one of the older boys dropped out, and honestly, it probably will be very difficult to keep it interesting for him when the majority of the children are in the 4-8 bracket, and he's 13, and another little boy won't be attending because he's started school instead.

That aside the rest of the children had a wonderful time, running around in the woods, searching for "mini beasts" and finding, milipeeds, various beetles, worms, baby frogs and toads and then they made clay faces on the trees, which was very popular.  The Educational Ranger engaged the children beautifully and they all warmed to her quickly.  Rye was a little resistant at first, standing beside me and refusing to join in; however the warmth, and I have to say prettiness, of the ranger soon won him over and soon you could barely prise him away from her. 

Whenever she called them back to camp circle he would sit next to her and stare adoringly at her, so sweet.  My boy has a crush!

This is Rye's little clay face, with stick for eyes; when he asked it's name he said, "Mr Apple".    After FS finished, we wandered back to where the playpark was and the kids enjoyed more play and the adults sat on the picnic benches, watched and we had a good natter too.

So yup so far, good.  The course is popular too, I've filled a FS to begin monthly in May on a Thursday and so far half filled a Monday group to begin in May also.  And really at £37.67 per child for the 12 sessions, it ain't bad value too.

Ooooh and there is a nice foot path from the train station (about a mile away) to the park, so for future FS Rye and myself will take our bikes on the train to Sandling, and then cycle the mile to the park.  I'm really looking forward to that, cycling in the country side, quieter road (although when there are cars they do go rather fast), and all that lovely fresh country air.   Brilliant!

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