Thursday, 15 September 2011


And the week is nearly over! 
I'm stunned actually it's September already - even more stunned that it's not that long to the equinox!  This year is flying by at super sonic speed!
 We've been out in the rain, and spotted lots of different mushrooms.

 Slid down grassy slopes.
 Jumping in puddles.
 Crafting - decorating cotton dolls.
 Adding and adding to the season table.
Gooogly eyes.
 A trip to Victoria Park in Ashford..... amazingly disportionate fountain for the area!
 Playing in the park.

 Taming the Dragon!
 The kids apparently playing "killer swamp"  lol.
 Ooops, Rye's in the swamp!
 Oooh look there's a gaggle of monkies.
 "Mum, Mum, look, I can jump!"

Today should have been forest school, alas I took codeine last night because my knees were hurting so much after the walking and urgh, my body does not like codeine, I feel rubbish.  On the bright side it is a lovely day again, and rye is playing with our friends. He is going to miss them, they are driving to Italy tomorrow, after spending many weeks converting a transit van into a camper :-)   Still, it will give me chance to properly plan crafts, circle time etc for Autumn, cos there's no mistaking that nip in the air!


The Barefoot Crofter said...

Looks like a busy, fun time - but you are right about the warp speed. xxx

Woolly Wanderer said...

Rye looks more grown up every time I see a picture of him.

So sorry to read about the pain in your knees, I too can no longer tolerate codeine, it makes me sick and woozy. Hope that with some rest your joints will ease.

San x