Sunday, 2 October 2011

Blimey October already!

I've said it before and I'll say it again; this year is zooming past at lightening speed!
It's been another busy week; circle times, venturing out to parks, beach, fountain, meeting up with the home ed group, forest school, crochet and so on.

And then there's the heatwave.  Gosh, it's warm, but welcomed, I normally adore Autumn but it felt like it came so early this year after so little summer, that I was finding it difficult to welcome the new season... the heatwave means I am now ready for Autumn and looking forward to the cooler days and nights and the crafting that happens so much more at this time of the year. 

Not as many photso as I'd like, considering the wonderful week we've had, but the batteries dyed and I kept forgetting to charge them.

 Visiting the wee park across the road, after circle time. 

 Becoming more and more brave, and taking more risks.
Bless him, he did it, lowered himself off the high platform, and held onto the bar, and then with some encouragement, let go to drop to the ground, all without me helping... although he did my presense to be right next to him.  Very proud of him, even if my heart was in my mouth!
 The Leaf Man Rye made at Forest School.

 Playing with the geoboard and elastic bands.

 Self portrait.
 Portrait of C, the little girl I mind.
 Me.  Hmmmm.  lol.
 "M" for mummy, written all on his own.
 Portrait of Amanda, the little boy's I mind, mum..... and no I have no idea why she has legs coming out of her head and the smile where it is.  LOL  Rye in his abstract phase, perhaps?

And my latest blanket;  the 3 squares like this make a rather snuggly blanket shawl,  I was toying with leaving this as 3 squares, however, my enablers on FB, have suggested making the fourth square to finish this blanket off, and then simply making another as the shawl blanket..............  fabulous idea, methinks.

Atlhough I do really, really need to make a start on winter warmies and gifts for Yule, not to mention a few ideas I've got for crochet items to sell.


nocton4 said...

my goodness how that gorgeous boy grows
hugs mama xx

Joxy said...

I know, the way he's growing it won't be that many years before he's as tall as I am!

Not however loving the recent increase in his vocabulary... he's heard some swear words and has been repeating them...