Thursday, 6 October 2011

This is why

I now call Folkestone home;
 Playing on the pebbled beach where the stone circle is.
 The groyn, and on the hillside, pretty beach sheds, newly painted.
Looking out over the English channel, we could see France on the horizon.
 Searching for hagstones, and indeed,, just filling the bucket with stones to bring home... and impressively he carried the bucket all by himself - I refused.
 Walking along a windswept coastal path.  We had planned to go rockpooling, but it was very windy indeed and the sea was rather rough, so we decided not risk children being washed off the rocks into the sea.
 Strange creatures... we assume some sort of sea louse?  We'll look it up in a minute.
 And the fabulous coastal park.  Seriously, this park is fantastic; there's large climbing frames, slides, sandpits, sensory areas, zip wires, sunken pirate ship (above) not to mention fabulous trees for climbing, a steep hillside to give parents' heart attacks as children climb up and slide down.... just a fabulous place, love it.

All that play is darn thirsty work!  (And yes he conned me into buying him a chocolate icecream, evidenced by his dirty face!)
Transfixed by the "Planet Dinosaur" on iplayer.

And it's not just the coast or  the parks, it's the people.  Our local home ed group contains a lovely bunch of people; with whom good friendships have been formed.   Folkestone is definitely "home".  I've always thought of Yorkshire as "home"; even though I've not lived in Yorkshire for over 15 years, and for many of those years longed to move back "home".   

It is good to feel settled, to feel I'm "home"; I rather suspect its a big part of why I am so happy these days, and, of course, my son is incredibly happy too.

Yes this is a very good place to live.


Joxy said...

Ahhh looks like that creature might be a sand hopper.

Becky said...

Looks like a beautiful place to live

Woolly Wanderer said...

I'm so pleased that you have such a lovely supportive community and those views are just breathtaking.

San x

Rose said...

YOu have made this home hun, for you and your wee man and I'm sure he will think of it thus as you have Yorkishire for many a year. Much love X

LesleyA said...

It looks lovely Jacqui!