Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Ah yes, there's been plenty today.
 "Help me, Jacqui, I want to be a Moooooose" 
"It's a Raindeer costume, Rye."
"No it's not a Raindeator, it's a Moooooose".
That told me.

 Rye playing with impulse purchases from Danirose on Etsy
 I had only meant to buy the tealight holder (not photographed),  thought it would be a nice Autumn meal blessing candle holder...but then I saw these; and I had to have the trolls, and the pear gnome.. I confess I had to buy it because I giggle everytime I look at him; that pear on his head... ;-)  the squirrel was just too cute and would make a great addition to the season table - except Rye loves playing with him... and the snow flake gnome for the winter table.. again much played with by Rye.
 "I want to crochet, mum"
 So I showed him, he's getting the basic idea, but is finding the wrapping yarn round hook, then having to hold the crochet and yarn so he can pull the yarn through the hoop on the hook, a bit fiddly - but he managed it a few times; and was very proud of himself and frustrated when he couldn't do it - in equal measures :-)  Bless him.
 A winter hat I knocked up today for him.  I had to rip back the ribbing a few times, kept making it too snug.
I'm considering putting a couple of crochet corkscrews on the points, maybe even bells :-)

A days of giggles.


Fiona said...

Lovely post Jacqui, and nice to see such a happy smiley boy. Maybe if crochet is a bit tricky, try finger knitting. Then you can help him sew it into something at the end (if he wants). My two love making blankets for their animals by finger knitting, and then sewing them into a (very rough) shape.

Queenie24 said...

Lol you made me guffaw in the middle of a meeting. Much raised eyebrows!

Rose said...

Lovely Jacqui, I love your crochet creations. Every year I say to myself, I'm going to re-learn to crochet in time for making the kids Christmas gifts but alas I never do, maybe this year! Much love X

mummybear said...

That's a gorgeous hat. How to you crochet ribbing?

Joxy said...

Queenie: - LOL & tut tut, reading blogs when in a meeting!

Rose: Ooh you should, if only for making hats and mitts! A friend's kids are all asking me to make them hats and mitts at the moment.

Mummybear: Ooh its very easy, chain say 7 or 8 chains, that is the width of the ribbing - and then dc or tr (dc produces a tighter less give ribbing and tr more stretch) in rows working in the back hoops only to required lenght. Then sew together the ends.

After that you then crochet into the edge of the ribbing circle to form the body of the fabric (does that make sense?)

However, for the hat above, I made the hat first, and then when I got to the point I wanted to add ribbing, rather than tying off and crocheting the ribbing seperately, I simply did 6 chains and did a trebles into the row, and then slip stitched the row I'd just created into a stitch on the last row of the hat. So the ribbing was a little tighter I slip stitched each row of the ribbing I made into every other stitch - was a bit too tight so eventually I worked out that (trial and error rather than maths lol), that slip stitching the rows into 2 consequent rows, and then missing a stitch, produce a ribbing with the right tension for the hat. (hence why it's normally easier to make the ribbing first and then either work into the ribbing for the rest of the fabric, or just sew it on at the end).

HTH, if it doesn't make sense, let me know and I'll take some photos to explain what I mean.