Monday, 24 October 2011

Day off.

An unexpected day off.  Mindie is ill.  So a nice day for just Rye and me.  Began with a lie in; I was just about to get up when I received the text from mindie's mum.  So  snuggled back under the cozy covers and Rye's toasty body.  When I woke again, he was still sleeping, well, we did have a late night as we popped around to Aunty Jen's last night for an early Samhain get together.  So I decide to take advantage and enjoy the luxury of reading in bed!  Mmm bliss.

Soon enough, however, the little man was awake and it was time to get up and have our morning juice and a bit of toast.  And then out came the paints!
 Making wooden door knobs into toadstools.  We are using tempura paint here.
 Therse are four I did for the season table, and the rest Rye painted - he used more paint so these are still drying and waiting for their white dots.
 So we played with different marking brushes and very wet paper.
 Then I remembered I'd picked up some leaf shaped sponges, so naturally we had to do some stamping, and ooh they came out so well.

 Once these are dry I will cut them out and we'll staple them ot string and make garlands.
 Rye adding his white dots using a screw dipped in paint.
Wrote the word out for Rye and he painted over it - a few of the letters he didn't form correctly; but I was just so pleased that he was holding his brush with a good grip.
 I drew him an outline of a toadstool, and he painted over it.

 And then it was time to clean up - this wise mama took the bowls of water and paint covered sponges, brushes, trays etc OUTSIDE  lool.  Look at that water!
 This boy has an amazing propensity for finding balloons!  Very nearly had to go without though, it was a  darn hard balloon to blow up.
And as he was so occupied I took the opportunity to finish off the mits for my friend's little lad, to go with the hat, I made him last week.


Queenie24 said...

Wow Rye's paintings and toadstools look fabulous.

Joxy said...

Ooooh and excitingly as I scrolled down and he saw the words "Toad" "Stool" that he had painted earlier, he actually read them out!

Proud mama!

Waffling Mama said...

Oh wow! What a fab day! And it's great that he was able to remember what the words said =)

I have left you a couple of awards on my page hun =) xx

WeAreWildThings said...

I love the door knob toadstools. We may have to try them out soon. :)