Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Time back to normal.

After yesterday's little vaunt with time warping, we're back to normal today. 
It's been a simple but lovely day.
Beef mince pasta sauce bubbling away in one half the crock pot and potatoe and leek soup in the other.  More than enough to freeze too.
Laundry out on the washing line, dancing in the wind.
Children playing cooperatively - most of the time.
Finally getting around to gluing the treehouse together.  Pieces keep getting lost and found again, levels being a little unstable because I had to use shorter dowels because the long ones were lost etc.  So yup, got the hot glue gun out.  Much better and now means the tree house is back down in the lounge rather than being "hidden" away in Rye's room.

Children helped make their own snacks.
They washed up their own dishes.
They set the table for tea this evening.
We went down to soft play for a few hours this afternoon; they played again mostly cooperatively, and I sat on a comfy chair and enjoyed some hooky time, every now and again, waving and grinning as the children called to me from some unnervingly high spot.  Sorry, but I really am chuffed that they don't need me to follow behind them, I'd be terrified!
Then bathtime.  Who needs bath toys, just take matchbox cars into the bath and sending them shooting down the end of the bath, where it slopes.
Insist not tired, (despite sleepy eyes telling a totally different story), and play on the floor with new farm vehicles...

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