Monday, 10 October 2011


Today I've been rather discombobulated, (isn't that a fab word!).  My lounge clock is an hour and half slow; and so all day I've been running an hour and half behind everyone else; and not having a dicky doo.  Actually, my opening statement is a wee bit wrong, the discombulation did not occur until I realised the time difference after the minded children were picked up apparently and hour and half early.......and then I received a text from a friend and saw the real time on my mobile.  Ooops.

Inspite of the time warp here, we've had a lovely day; initially the children played outside, and then I called them in for Circle Time.  Love our Autumn CT's.  We have songs and poems about squirrels searching for huts, Leaves swirling and twirling in the autumn winds - which naturally means using the plays silks as leaves and twirling them around.  We have owls watching us in trees, and apples to be picked..  "YUM YUM... that was good!"  Brilliant.   The children are loving pretending to be squirrles hopping around, hedgehogs sleeping under beds of leaves (i.e. playsilks) trees swaying in the wind, and the leaves falling fast and slowly to the touch the ground etc. 

We played the game "Shut the box", in which Rye practised numeracy skills and seemed to be grasping addition.
We looked at some new letters for this week, H, I, J, K and L.  And Rye also looked at his first words cards.

Train tracks were built and Rye learned the challenges of building with a one and half year old around.  Dolls were put to bed, sang to, and thrown around too.  Rye looked at books while naps were taken, and when the youngest woke, Rye entertained him for ages, fluttering playsilks over him.   I went and woke up the wee girl and the three of them played together.

Not long after the discombobulation occured.  I thought it was half past three (actually 5pm) and was just about to start making inroads on tea; walked into the kitchen was collecting the veggies together for the planned chilli....... when the minded girl started shouting her mummy was here.  Surely not!   And then a text from the little boy's mum; could she come and collect him.  Goodness!  Keen parents today, but wow, how nice to finish early.
After the minded children had left and I was doing a wee jig at finishing early and apparently having an extra hour and half, I received a text.    Confusion.  17.26 said the text.  Eh?

Enlightenment hit.  What a twonk!  Explained the little boy's yelling at me at lunchtime and why he seemed so very tired... I thought it was 12noon when I made lunch for the kids... it's was actually 1:30pm and of course the unprecedented earliness of the parents.   Ooops.  Suddenly, it felt like I'd just lost an hour and half. 

On the up side, Rye was exceedingly excited about a big yellow box a fellow home edder had brought over earlier.  Knowing what was inside, I'd made him wait until the other children had gone home....
 My friend had picked all these and the walls and hedges up for a £1 at a carboot sale.  She'd orignially planned to sell them on via Ebay; but these aren't flimsy plastic... good quality plastic mixed with metal; these barely look played with too.  But anyway... the quality of these means they are heavy, and she quickly realised it would costs a small fortune to post, so she asked if Rye would like them instead :-)
 That would be a yes!  When I lifted the lid and he looked in the box, his face lit up and all he kept saying as he lifted each farm vehicle out was, "Oh WOW!"  :-)
A very happy little boy.

Ohhh and remember that duplo lego I bought him off Shell over at Handmade Haven?  This is one of the super structures he keeps building with it:
Ooh and to finish off; this mama has been purusing yarn again; not entirely my fault, a friend mentioned on Facebook an ebay yarn seller.  Well, one had to look, be rude not to.  She had King Cole Chunky at a rather tempting price......... so I bought 5 balls off her.
Isn't it lucious, I'm seriously loving KingCole riot series.  I may have to make a blanket in the chunky one!  The above yarns, however, are for Rye and this year's winter warmies; hat, scarf and mits.  Such a yummy yarn and colourways, I may just have to purchase a few more balls to make him a jumper from too.   Such is the hardships of a crocheting mama ;-)

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Mummy chef said...

Hope you are running on time today. :oD We have just sorted our clocks out after the 4 that get used most in our house spent months telling 4 different times.

((What beautiful wool. I am very jealous)).