Friday, 4 November 2011

HE Halloween Party.

Rather nervous, first party I've organised for the Home Ed group; happily it was a success, fun was had!
 The boy in bandages, G, had the best costume I think.  Rye did start off as a pirate, but for some reason he got all weird about wearing his pirate outfit and took it off.
 Playdough,  doh!  I forgot to add the salt, which is while it was so gloopy... didn't realise until one of our younger members kept eating the green dough.    And just look at our new venue for Home Ed group - isn't it fab.  It's Hythe Youth Centre, there is an upstairs, but for now we are just hiring the downstairs bit.
 The fabulous Frankienstien's Monster - pin the bolt game, that one of the families made.
Another family made a pinnata, and another mum bravely held it up (no where to stick it up), while excited children wielding sticks bashed it.  Brave lady!  (**cough** ok I volunteered her..but brave nontheless)
LOL the photos were taken by one of our 6yr old members, as I was running around a bit llike a frazzled headless chicken... not that I needed to, depsite the copious print out crytograms, mazes, word puzzles/searches, colour sheets, cut out halloween characters to stick onto toilet rolls, the play dougoop as it was renamed, pass the pumpkin, Wrap a Mummy, Make an Edible Witches Hat, Scary Statues.... most of it wasn't done at all, the kids were having far too much fun, playing hide and seek, playing with the playdougloop, a little bit of colouring in, whacking the heck out of a pinnata, the bolt pin it game went down well... eating a rather lot of sugar and food colouring, and playing with the balloons.

They all enjoyed it that's the main thing and everyone was suitable chuffed with our new venue, so much so I am going to arrange to book it monthly for a year.

Now, onto planning the crafts for our Seasonal/Winter Craft meet in December :-)

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Susie (September) said...

Lovely hall you have there! Looks like you did a great with the party, well done!