Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Yule Advent: Day 2.

Oooooh, very nearly cancelled today's plans.  I blumming well slept through my alarm AGAIN, or alternatively I'm turning it off but not remembering doing so!  So I woke about ten minutes before my minded child was due, and leapt out of bed and dragged on clothes.  Not the most auspicious start to the day!

Today was  a big day though, and while my sleep fogged brain was not embracing the day's plan, initially, I knew I would regret it if I gave into my inner laziness and cancelled...so slapped the face with some cold water, poured tea down my throat and dragged the kids, out of the door.
Today, was definitely a day for woollens.  Brrrr, tad nippy and that wind!  Oooh, those pinecones might finally be on the floor, we will have to go and look later this week.... but anyway...... so on the train, big excitment and much talk of the difference between blue and yellow trains.  (Hide speed and normal trains lol)

Today was the day of the Christmas Lecture at Canterbury University's Gulbenkian Theatre on bubbles (the link shows tomorrow's lecture on colour, but we're not going to that).  Very big deal for Rye because in the past he has not been a fan of the theatre, and it causes him quite a lot of anxiety; but if anything was going to help him cope with the experience it would be bubbles!
 Initially, Rye was not a happy bunny, as we walked toward the theatre and he saw the masses of school children he began to chant, "I don't like it, I don't like it, I don't like it,".
"Give it a chance Rye, I think you will really like it when we get inside"
"I don't like it, I don't like it, I don't like it," was the response and my heart sank.

As luck would have it, we had front row seats and no one else on the row and all those school children behind us; so it kinda felt like it was just us and the stage, and it was quite light; had it been dark I think that would have been game over.
Rye's interested was peaked when the Professor began his experiments.....

The topic was bubbles all around us; and the Professor was demonstrating how important the mere bubble is!  Here the kids on stage were attempting to make big bubbles with wands.... and that grey circle on the floor.... the kids took turns standing in it, while the white ring was pulled up over them and they were encased in a huge bubble.  Very cool!
Rye did enjoy the lecture, and has asked if we can go back and watch it again, bless him; but I think I probably enjoyed it the most; full of fascinating information that went totally over the kid's heads.  For example the sound of the waves is actually bubbles in the water, and wind farms are generating lots of bubbles, and thus lots of noise pollution in the water which is problematic for acquatic animals - and there's research into this.

The Lecture also gave me a few ideas for experiments to do with Rye.  In the above photo is he demonstrating how sound can neutralise bubbles.  A can of lemonade was passed around, and the kids, including Rye (which he loved, and re-engaged him back into the lecture), all shook it violently.  Then the professor tapped the can all over with a teaspoon and then opened it................ to a disappointing fizzzzzzzzzzzzle.  I was very impressed because I did really expect it to explode everywhere.  Sure I know tapping a can is suppose to prevent it exploding, but I've never had much confidence in the idea.  Rye didn't understand the experiment though, because he's never seen a can explode....... so guess what we'll be doing in the next few days!

We also saw how bubbles ususally form a sphere because it uses the least energy, but by using metal cages shaped in different ways bubbles can be formed in different shapes - although if you try to blow the bubble from the cage it will go back to being sphereical...... so another experiment idea; buy some wire and make our own bubble cages and see what shapes we can make.

LOL and in a strange way, today I felt like a proper home educator, taking my child on an educational trip  ;-)  Of course we've been to other stuff; but its always been about just introducing Rye to new experiences, or because I was interested in something - up to now he's been a bit young (or too anxious around crowds etc), for such trips.  

So that was day 2 of our advent.  I confess I'm not entirely sure what Day 3 will bring, as Rye has his appointment tomorrow, which may well be the beginning of his assessment?  I've been told the Dr we are seeing is one who can diagnose children if they do not go through ASD diagnostic team.  Bit nervous as I've no idea what to expect.


Fiona said...

It sounds amazing Jacqui. Well done for getting out of the house and well done Rye for dealing with it so well.
Good luck tomorrow too. I hope it helps clarify things a bit for you and Rye.

Becks said...

Sounds like a great day and some ideas for us to try out too. Good luck today Jacqui, I hope you discover what you hope too....

Woolly Wanderer said...

Well done Joxy for getting out the house in record time.

Hope the assessment goes well, will be thinking of you.

San xx

Secret Sheep said...

Fascinating. Thankyou for sharing.

bettywobble said...

Good luck for tomorrow Jacqui, don't worry about it too much, as far as I can remember with Lewis the Dr sits and plays with the child (obviously observing all the time lol)-it's really relaxed, then he will have a chat with you about what Rye is like at home, out and about etc.
Sounds like you had a great time with the bubbles :)

beckw said...

Sounds amazing mate :) Glad you both enjoyed it xxx