Sunday, 18 December 2011

Yule Advent, Day 16-21

Crazy busy.
So busy the mind is a bit of a blur of what this week has consisted of.
There's been more snowflakes made.
More crochet, ooh such fun crochet, which I will share soon.  
A friend's eldest daughter has been over a couple times this week, and we've made fudge, coconut ice and peppermint creams - although the creams were not overly successful.  The fudge tho, oh my the fudge.
I reduced the chocolate and it worked brilliantly, much more fudgelike
We have been to a Christmas Party at a toddler group.
 Rye sporting the crowns he made at the toddler Christmas party.  (over his pirate hat)
Chocolatey face from eating fudge!

There was the seasonal crafts at the Home Ed group.
One of our members is a professional photograher too, and she took photos of the kids, I also asked her to take one of the group too.

By Buss-Burns Photograhy
Giving Rye a new book:  The Snowman which comes with CD.  Which we snuggled into bed and read.  Later we will listen to the CD too.
We watched excitedly the snow falling - although too wet for it to settle.
I've ordered some seasonal dvds for us to watch; The Snowman, The Grinch, Miracle on 24th Street, The Polar Express.
More crochet
More paper snowflakes

And inbetween I've been working.  Minding during the day with the little girl I mind, and through the night for the little boy.  Exhausting, especially as one night the poor wee lad kept waking up crying, because he's was very bunged up.  Burning some Oblas oil helped a lot.  I was rather zonked the next day, and bless Rye he slept till 11am - and even then I had to wake him up!

And now it's 4 days to Yule and still so much to do, I'm on annual leave from 5.30pm 20th December until 3rd January, and phew, I can't wait!

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arwen_tiw said...

Enjoy your leave! And those last Yule preparations. :)

I love the group picture, it looks like they're all having so much fun!