Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Yule Advent, Day 15

Ooooh just 10 days to go to Yule :-)
And Arrrghhh at the same time as I try to find time to beaver away on gifts!

But anyway, Day 15, what did we do today.  Well, Rye actually spent an inordinate amount of time playing Reading Eggs (or watching Rotten Eggs, as my 3yr old mindie calls it), and watching a Fireman Sam full length espisode/movie.  I'm trying to see if given unfettered access if Rye will self regulate - and it certainly keeps me off the laptop!

So our crafting for today has not happened until this evening, when he eventually came down and said he'd had enough.  This evening we made paper snowflakes.  A parcel of goodies from ELC arrived this evening too, with the glow in the dark paint I ordered.  Nifty stuff.  So we painted some on a few of the snowflakes and added glitter too.  Very pretty - and yes they do indeed glow in the dark..but not enough that I can take a photo I'm afraid.
 These are the ones with the glow in the dark paint on them.  I do find myself wondering if I kneaded the paint into homemade playdough if that would glow in the dark too... I may have to experiment.
 After the snowflakes Rye asked if we could glitter some pinecones too.  So we did, and added some glow in the dark paint for good measure too.
 Oooh looks so pretty!  Now just need the real stuff.
Oh dear.  After the snowflakes, and glittering, I tided up, I even steamed the floor.  The lounge was spotless.... I then went in to tackle the kitchen and the mounting up dishes......... came back to get the steamer to do the floor and cupboards and nearly cried.  This actually is far better than it was, I was very good though, no shouting.  I calmly said, "Rye, I think you'd better get the bag from the kitchen and pick up all this paper".
"In a minute" was the response,
"I really need you to do it now..." there was an edge to my voice, and Rye took note.  lol

On the bright side his scissor skills are getting better and better, and he's starting to get how to hold the scissors properly, which is making his attempts at cutting much more accurate and steady.

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