Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Ginny's Yarn along and a TaaaDaaah.

So, I thought I'd join in the yarn along, especially as it includes books.  The last few years I've not read much apart from parenting/home education/aspergers/autism/crochet/cookery type books and these days I'm finding I do have the time for more indepth reading, be it fiction or not.  Pre-Rye I loved fantasy, thrillers, romances, historical novels and crime.  I feel the need to widen my repetoire.

So I smile as I upload this photo:
There was a fair bit of gluttony over the festive period, and frankly I'm in need of some turbo charging!  So I've joined Jason Vale's international 7 day Juice Detox, which begins on 9th Jan.  This is the follow on book for continuing to change one's eating habits.  I no longer make New Year Resolutions; but I did at the Yule ritual make a wish that 2012 would be the year I lost weight and became much healthier.  This is the beginning of the wish taking shape.

And the crochet.  It's going to be a snail for Rye, I never did get it finished in time for Yule or his birthday, and there's not much to do.  I reckon this month will mostly be about finishing off any hang over projects... and there's a couple.  Oh, and as I like to give hand made gifts for Yule (and birthdays too) and always end up trying to cram a dozen things into the last few weeks.  I have promised myself I will make at least one item each month and pop it into a "gift box".

The item I will make this month will be the Sweet Eleanor Scarf by Qunice Tart

Oh and the first finished make of 2012 is a dolly blanket.  The squares were originally made for a different project, but were not needed in the end, so they've been sat around for ages.  Not really "my" colours, but mindie likes pink, the pram has pink it works.


Valerie said...

Hiya, can you send me Sarah's address please, I knitted a little thing for Talia, but it looks like Sarah isn't online right now. My e-mail is
vl _ beattie at yahoo dot co dot uk

No spaces as usual. Thanks Jacqui (ps I wont be offended if you want to check with her first lol).

Joxy said...

Hm, just tried to email you, but gmail doesn't recognise your address.. says it's not valid.

Email me at then hopefully it will work.