Monday, 2 January 2012

5 years old.

 stomp, stomp, stomp went a little boy's feet on the stairs, and this mama, leapt off the sofa, grabbed the camera and waited for him........
Balloons usurp presents
 But not for long.  There was much admiration of his birthday candle too.
 A gift from "Aunty" Kevin, Rye has been yearning to open this gift for days and days!
 Gift from one of minded children's parent; another much yearned after present.
 It wasn't planned at all, however, this festive season and birthday has definitely had a Cars theme.

 Gotta love German made toys....... it came already assembled!

 Grumbling the trains keep coming off the tracks... when I look to see why I realised he's built this track almost vritually from the expansion pack, which consisted mainly of points.
 Musical statues with the fabulous Aunty Jen.
 The catchily named game, "Don't Fall Down".  (i.e. a version of Twister)
However, I soon lost the children to.............
 Buscuit decoration; which engaged them for simply ages.
Indeed a 2 hour party ended up being 4hours +
The inside of the snowman/lightening mcqueen cake.
Suprisingly tasty considering this is death by sugar cake lol.

Fabulous party, Rye and his friends enjoyed himself immensely.

(LOL and after all that sugar I'm seriously craving Kale, even Rye asked today if he could have some fruit)


Valerie said...

Ahh, Happy Birthday Rye, although I have to say, he looks older/bigger than 5 no?

missking said...

wow looks like great fun was had by all! happy birthday to rye!

Joxy said...

Yup, he's often mistaken for being about 7yrs old. Saying that tho, so far I've only had one, "shouldn't he be in school?" comment lol.

Rose said...

Happy birthday to Rye (belatedly) and to you mama - twas your day as much as his.

Big love x

The Colourful Girl said...

Awww, it looks like he had an amazing day, and after a bit of that amazing looking cake I bet everyone was bouncing off the walls ;) I can't wait until my girl's old enough to enjoy parties!x