Monday, 2 January 2012

Hook and Crafts of 2011

Birthday crown

Shooting Star
Chair seat cover


Green man commission

Spring swap

3 strands held together bowl.

Wool nappy covers for a friend.
Head scarf
Toasty warm bedsocks.
doublebed size granny stripe blanket

Birthday present.
Summer swap

Birthday present, shawl
Blog give away - small bowl.
blog giveaway, head scarf.
Tank top
head hugger
matching wrist warmers.
Rye's striped ripple blanket.
Birthday present, cat for mindie

Motifs for a skirt.
Large granny square blanket.
Hat and matching mitts for a friend's 4yr old son.
Cowl and hat.
matching mitts.
First ever crochet jumper.
Slipper boots for Rye.
Bangle snowflake.
Yule Jar cover.
Yule decoration using a bangle.

Pot holder - Yule gift.
Face cloth
Beeswax candle with flower decoration.
Arm/wrist warmers.
 Minecraft Motif Hat.


Smiter said...

I wish I could crochet like you, I love those little flowers that you stitch together to make a cover out of is there a free pattern for them somewhere I could use? I am desperate to do something more than granny squares and I have a huge bag of odd bits of dk yarn just begging to be used up.

Claire said...

All in a year! That is alot of crochet! I'm impressed!

Joxy said...

those are the Japanese flower motifs. There were tutorials on how to make them, as the book is, obviously japanese, but copyright meant that a lot of bloggers had to remove their tutorials, so not sure if there's any still left.

Can you follow a schematic? If you can I have the book, I could photo copy and send it to you.

Smiter said...

can't follow a pattern yet, it all looks strange to me being a knitter plus more confused by the fact that a treble here is a double in US. My friend has loaned me a beginners book and given me a copy of instructions us and uk so I'll play with that for a bit. Just bored doing squares now, and need a break from knitting, did look at a you tube for entrelac crochet using morrocan it looks really interesting.

Joxy said...

Schematics are different, the symbols are universal, so the symbol for say a treble is the same regardless of whether the pattern is american or british.

I prefer patterns that have schematics because it often helps to clarify where the hook is to go.

However, schematics do assume you will understand that if the next row starts somewhere else from where you finish the previous row, then you need to slip stitch to the point of the new row. Or if too far to slip stitch, to then tie off and start at the new point.

Tie offs for changes of colours should be indicated within the schematic.

You may find a tutorial actually on You tube, so could look there. It's Japanese Flower Motif #D

missking said...

what a lot of crochet! and you inspired and helped me to start the art too this year. ps we still love our coasters and the gorgeous birds are now hanging on my chest of drawers. :)

Joxy said...

There is more, I made more potholders but I forgot to take photos before giving them, and I've made loads of motifs for a skirt I have in mind. I have the african flower motifs worked up into a hexagon, to make a small doll blanket for the pram. I also made some giant japanese flower motifs.. the idea initially wwas for a very unusual scarf..but as I held 3 or 4 yarns together to make the big, big flower motifs... I decided in the end I wasn't that keen on the colours... so not sure what I'll do with it now. I also started a japanese flower motif skirt, but I don't like it, so probably take it apart.

I've also made a few more dish clothes for myself too, whcih I never took photos of, slipper socks for rye for when we went camping.

Strange thing is, I find myself strangely reluctant to pick up a hook... perhaps because I have so many ideas, if I pick up the hook I may not put it down..... and I also have plans this year to be a wee bit more organised too.


The Colourful Girl said...

Wow! You must crochet fast. It would have taken me the whole year to do that double sized granny stripe blanket!