Thursday, 22 March 2012

Kearnsey Abbey.

Oh how I adore Thursdays, which are our regular home ed group day.
Today was Kearnsey Abbey, a beautiful park with streams, lakes and ponds and really big swans!
 This is one of the streams, and as you can see the children, of all ages, had a fantastic time splashing around.  Judging by the shivering afterwards that water was blooming cold!
 I took Rye's bike with us and he had a fabulous time riding around.  And the park up in the corner, was another huge attraction for the kids too.
Just so fab to see the kids having such a marvelous time.  I barely saw Rye, he was too busy having fun.

And despite mostly just sitting enjoying the sun and chatting to other parents, I am shattered!  Early night me thinks.

***Thank you to my friend Cassie, who took these photos****

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