Sunday, 11 March 2012

What a few weeks!

Frankly, crappy few weeks, illness after illness after illness.
There have been some highlights.  Thursdays home ed group, I drove Rye and friends over to the Warren in Folkestone.  It's part of the cliffs that make up the White Cliffs of Dover, an area that back in the day was very popular with seaside goers.  Unfortunately, the cliffs aren't very stable and there have been quite a lot of landslides.  Those landslides however, unearth lots and lots of fossils.  You can literally walk along the base of the cliffs and just pick them up.  Most are broken up from the tides crashing them against the rocks.  Sometimes you get lucky, one of the older girls, on Thursday, found a complete, large ammonite fossil.

Alas I was not well enough to brave the scramble down the cliff, so friends took Rye down for me, and I stayed in the van crocheting and listening to the radio, enjoying the sea air and warm sun.  Rye came back sodden and very happy.

And that is the last we've set outdoors, the tummy ache worsened through Thursday night and soon I was spending fair more time than I wished in my bathroom.  Saturday I felt a bit better, although still far too intimate with my bathroom for my liking, alas an attempt at eating a small bread roll back fired and I spent last night bloated, windy and feeling rotten, and again in the early hours of the morning, my bathroom and I became very friendly again.  Some relief, when this morning, as the sun rose and filled my house with beautiful pinks and oranges, I vomited, and then some time later I vomited again.    Bizarrely, the vomiting has settled my tummy. 

Rye has been a trooper.  Especially as his dad  left a text Saturday morning to say he wasn't picking Rye up for the weekend because he had a sore throat.   Poor kid.  He has been great though, filling up my water bottle for me, giving me cuddles, asking me if I need anything, bless him. 

Today, he's been on a mission to make me feel better; playing music very loudly and singing along, bouncing on my bed, reading to me, taking photos of me and showing me...
"Jacqui look, your hair is sooooooooooo yucky".  Gee thanks kid!
Not had quite the desired effect he was after, has to be said.  We had a little chat, and I explained if he let me rest I would get better quicker.  So, he agreed and played in his room.  Some time later he asked if I would come and look at what he's been doing.

 Can you see?  He has tried to copy the picture on the lid behind him!  How fabulous is that!


Frugal Mum of 3 said...

he did a fab job, and how lovely of him to look after you and then give you time to rest - home your back up and running normally soon xx

Joxy said...

Aye, he was brilliant. Thankfully feeling much better, although, can you believe it - the Gods have a sick sense of humour... for the first time in 5yrs, I've come on! What the hell is that all about??? lol. Oh well. At least it's been a lovely spring day today.

Rose said...

Healing vibes coming your way hun sorry you've been feeling so rubbish. Much love x