Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Crafts.

No, I'm not a big celebrator of Easter, I celebrate the equinox.  However, doesn't stop me enjoying some more seasonal crafting, and today was our home ed day, this time at my friend's house.  There were actually too many children this time, the noise was deafening; kinda exciting to have grown as a group to the stage where in future if we have craft days at my friend's house, I will need to put a limit on numbers!

It was a good day though.  I'd picked up some scratch art in Easter shapes, one lot were to make magnets and the others were to create hanging decorations.  These went down really, really well with the children.  After the pot luck lunch we then decorated little egg candles with liquid wax (very liquid!) and coloured beeswax.  Again it seemed popular, but the eggs could have done with being a bit bigger, they were a bit difficult to decorate being so small.

Rare pictures of me too, here I am explaining the crafts to the children.
Writing names on the back of their creations.
Rye really enjoyed the scratch art craft.

A very successful day.

Thank you to my friend Cassie, for taking the photos.


Smiter said...

you look like you have lost loads of weight well done.

Smiter said...

looking good Jacqui