Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Red obession.

Rye's favourite colour is red.
So there's been a few purchases of red things...

 A Lightening Mcqueen car tent.   Rye loves it, I however, am very disappointed by the quality.  It won't last long.
 A fair few purchases from Su Su Mama's.  Adore the rainbow jacket.  And Rye immediately zeroed in on the red trousers.  I bought him lots more trousers too, and some rainbow cotton trousers, alas those are too big, so will have to go away for the time being. 
I love crafting, the clean up sometimes puts me off; certainly with the paints; not only does it go everywhere, the children end up caked in paint from head to foot.  So, while ordering some supplies for the HE group I decided to pick up some paint pens.  The pens have gone down a storm.  Rye drew a portrait of me :D
Mind, I won't buy Colour Me Chubbie pens again.  Brilliant idea, alas not refillable.
 Rye's ensemble this morning.  He really likes red.


arwen_tiw said...

It suits him, though! :)

sue said...

What a very handsome fella Rye looks :)

missking said...

red is cool! i am with you on crafting but it is so worth it isnt it!