Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Good Friday.

Despite the threatened rain, Friday dawned sunny and beautiful, so off we took ourselves to meet up with our home ed friends for a picnic in a little village not too far from us.  I've driven past the park a few times, when visiting our friends, or picking or dropping them off... yet until the picnic I'd never really seen it.
And gosh it's a gem.

 There is an enclosed area with all manner of wonderful equipment to explore.
 And gosh, look at how sunny it was.  It was actually pretty warm too. 

 Outside the enclosed area, there was more equipment, along with further back a wood to explore, and to the side a huge field, just perfect for riding bikes etc.  I see our home ed group coming here quite often in the summer!
 Yup, Susu Mama purchase.  I lurve, this rainbow jacket.  I've also bought him a multitude of stripey colourful trousers/shirts and a jumper :D 
See that young lass stood up... my boy was behind a wall with her........ hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, call me old fashioned, but he's far too young for those type of shenanigans!  lol.    Leading my innocent boy astray!

(psst, it was all innocent fun, no leading astray on either side was occurring, but did highlight my boy is growing up!) 

A really lovely day.

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