Tuesday, 10 April 2012

TAAA - DAAAHHHH: Hoodie for Rye.

Honestly, this should have been finished over a month ago, as I only had one sleeve to finish, but I've been on a hooky hiatus; just not felt much like hooking.  The creative juices, and yarn joy is back and not only do I have yet more yarn coming (ALOT! lol)  but I'm also purchasing some beautiful new hooks from Etsy.  I'll show them off when the arrive.

But anyway the Hoodie, oh how I love it:

 He was initially reluctant to play model; once on, he wouldn't take it off.  It is of course, far too big at the moment, as I've sized it up for Rye to wear next winter!   I've saved some yarn too, in case I need to increase sleeve length etc.... but ooh look it's soooooo utterly beautiful!
 I used Bonnie Jacob's pattern, "Baby Hoodie" as a basic template; well mostly to see how a jumper from top down is worked, by doing the yoke first.    Because I have increased the size of this pattern enormously by increased yarn thickness and hook size, and then winging it a bit on just how big I wanted it to be... the hood, as you can see, looks a bit odd.
I'm not sure if this is because, at present the jumper is too big for him and not sitting on his shoulders properly, or I simply did not decrease and shape the neck area enough.

Either way, I love this jumper, love, love, love it.  The yarn is gorgeous, Araucania Azapa.  The jumper took about 3 100g hanks of each colour.  I started the 4th balls for the second sleeve.  I'll be putting those away, as I suspect by winter I'll need to extend the sleeves a bit more - I'll probably decrease the sleeves more to create better defined cuffs.

And yes, this yarn is really as soft and snuggly as it looks; but then it should be:  merino, alpaca and silk blend = divine bliss.


Fiona said...

Gosh, its beautiful and I LOVE the colours. Now all I have to do is learn to knit something more basic than a scarf and I might be able to do one for the girls before they are adults!!

arwen_tiw said...

Cooool! Lovely lovely top, and the yarn must make it so soft. :)