Friday, 13 April 2012

Tiles and Clay Faces.

Oh wow, the HE grp meet at a local Youth Centre, was really good.
I'd planned two crafts;  tile decorating; the younger children used sharpie pens, which worked really well, and also glued various bits of tissue/celophane etc onto their tiles, and the older ones used my porceline and glass paints.

The second craft was claywork.  Older kids had a go at doing their self portrait in clay, from touch alone, i.e. touching their faces then trying to create what they felt in clay.  The younger ones made thumb pots, snails, and various other squidged clay offerings.

It was a really good session, exhausting though.  I was utterly spent after doing both crafts with the kids, and making everyone milkshakes to have with the pot luck lunch.  Went to a friend's after the session and just collapsed on her sofa and abused her hospitality by letting her make me lots of cups of tea and later I partook of some delicious dahl and rice, mmmm.

Next session though I have asked the group if someone (or several people) else can have organise it leaving me to concentrate on Rye, as I never really see what he does because I'm so busy organising.  So really looking forward to that.  Then June I'm hoping to book a Native American workshop and that will be our last youth centre meet for the summer.

A new day, amazing what wonders it brings, especially after a "hard" day. :D

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Natalie said...

Hey Hun. Just popped over for a well overdue catch up. Loving the new Crochet background. Looks like you and Rye have been having great time at the HE group.
I must get back into reading all these fab blogs as I feel like I'm losing touch with a lot of lovely online friends. xxx