Wednesday, 11 April 2012


That is the word for today;  Hideous.

It started quite well playing with the new tea set,
It's the set from Green toys and recycled from milk bottles.  It really is quite nifty.  I had planned on a tin set I saw, but was informed the tinned sets get bent and damaged very quickly, so bearing in mind Rye and minded children that will play with a tea set, I decided to go for something more robust, and this so far, is ticking the boxes.

However chaos soon descended as Rye tried to control the play and my mindie was not of a disposition to be controlled...

Rye: nooooo, you don't have cake in coffee Clare.
Snatches cake, cue much yelling.
Me: give her the cake back, If she wants to pretend to mix cake into her coffee she can.
Rye: no but.....
Me: give it back
Rye: no but.....
Me:Ryan give her the cake, Clare is not your slave or toy, you cannot tell her what to do. You can ask or make suggestions, but she can still say no.
Rye, sulkily: I only wanted to make you a birthday cake.


The day continued to deteriorate.  Mindie bent one of the tea set spoons (thankfully it did bend back), but I was so miffed I banned her from playing with the set for the rest of the day.. so she sulked, then the children played dens.....

 Except Rye kept telling her that it was not ready and she wasn't allowed in it... so blanket was taken back upstairs and I decided to take the kids into town instead......and it was simply hideous.

School holidays +  Fireman Sam visiting the town centre meant the place was heaving and the children were simply manic.  Mindie kept disappearing into the crowds because she'd spy a little boy and she'd just follow him - arrgh.  Rye kept winding her up or suggesting she did things that just were not appropriate for being in town........ and omg in the Works I ended up yelling, "Out, out, both of you get OUT now!" after a barrage of  "Can we have...." and "I want".

Utterly frazzled and frankly pissed off, I hussled the children back to the lifts and out walks Fireman Sam.  Admittedly, their faces were a picture; and Rye keeps telling me, in utter wonderment, that Fireman Sam is actually real!    I briefly considered taking them back to where Fireman Sam was doing, well, whatever he was going to do to entertain the children..but after just hurrying my two through the hoardes, I quickly dismissed the idea and bundled them into the lift and virtually ran for the car!

Popped round to a friend's house for a few hours, bit of a mistake as all the children just fed off the weird manic energy of today.  I have to say, today I was insanely glad to hand mindie back to her mum and yes, I insisted Rye go upstairs to his bedroom and listen to the new story cds on his new cd player.  I sat down with a cuppa and wished it was whiskey with a nice menthol fag! 

Rye actually fell asleep, so I did enjoy an hour of peace before calling him downstairs because I wanted to nip through to sorting office to pick up a parcel.....
And the parcel turned out to be the clothes I bought in the Muddy Puddles sale... and I'd also picked up the camouflage.... cue a very happy Rye.  He's sat in there at the mo with the tea set, pretending to make our friend M, a coffee.
And, yes of course, the reduced, but still expensive snowsuit I bought Rye for next winter........... fits him now.  Typical.  Gah.  Not sure I can return something bought in the sale either.....

Roll on tomorrow.