Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Holy moly 2 days of sunshine!

Ooh lovely, warming sunshine.
Admittedly, I was a tad surly on Monday, that wind meant it was blumming cold.
Tuesday was still windy, though significantly warmer.  Tuesday was also my consultation, I had to stop myself from pouting when the fella told me he didn't have time to do it, and we'd have to make another appointment.  To be hair I do have a lot of hair, and it is almost waist length these days.  I'm curious to see how long it will be after being dreadlocked.  Guess I'll find out on Tuesday :D.

Tuesday was a good day though, chatting with a friend while Rye played, and then picked up Clare form nursery.  The kids played in the garden.  The trampoline is wonderful; it has some strange powerful magic, which means the children actually play well together without the near constant stream of whinging and screaming.  Long may it continue!

After Clare was picked up at 5.30pm, I settled down, planning on a fire and a cider.... only to remember we had a play date!  And off we trooped to wee village near Ashford to see our friends.  Oooh it was lovely, stayed there until after 9pm!

Rye asked if he could have some glow sticks to take on the trampoline, so I stopped in at the supermarket, on the way home, sadly no glow sticks, though balloons that had LED lights inside.  Good fun.  Rye jumped and giggled, and I sat and watched the flames, sipping a sneaky cider.

 Rye sitting with me near the fire.  The two light spots on the balloons is the LED lights.
 On the trampoline. 
Eee, a grand fire :D  After a while Rye sat with me, watching the fire salamanders.  His eyes began to droop, but still he refused bed, so I pulled him onto my lap and pulling my cardy around us both.  Snuggling together we watched the flames.  Soon Rye was asleep, and my own eyes were drooping lots.  Regretfully, I poured water on the fire and off to bed we went.
 Oooh parcels arrived today!  Lovely site called spirit of the greenman, this fella is going in my back garden.

 This one is for the front door.
 I know a bit twee, but I couldn't resist.  This will go on my back gate :D
And this little lady will be protecting me 'erbs!    My garden is resolutely a children's garden.  I do have a yen for it to have a more magical feel as well; the kids get the garden, I'm claiming the decking!  I have plans for lots of lovely herbs in planters, mixed with flowers, colourful wind mills, chimes, ornaments etc.  Where I have the fire brazier makes for an obvious sacred space too.

I shall be stocking up on fire logs ;-)

Ah yes, a lovely day, trampoline play, sand play, swing ball play, chasing games.  I've spent much of the day sat outdoors either joining in the kid's games or crocheting.  Very pleasureable too.

Plus, another 4 loads of laundry done.. hasn't made a noticeable dent in the laundry mountain though!

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Fiona said...

I feel strangely relaxed just reading about it all :-)
And I love the fire bowl. We have both a fire bowl and a trampoline here, and both get a LOT of use. Absolute garden essentials!