Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Parcel excitement!

So today was the day my replacement juicer arrived.  I confess to being a tad scared of it at first, it looked a beast.  In actuality, it's a piece of cake - hmm perhaps a bad analogy there lol.
There again maybe not, the juice was delicious, and the pulp, well I used it in spelt muffins.  Yum.!  Yes I confess I had sneaky partake lol.

I'd promised the kids we'd go to the park once my parcel arrived.  So after a play and lunch, I changed the seats in the car to give me a boot again, and chucked in the bikes and took the kids to the park!  (Must fix my front brake, then we could have cycled down together!). 

Good session at the park, it was cool but ok; and it stayed dried until we decided to leave:
I'll be glad when we pick up Rye's new bike tomorrow, the brazes are a bit naff on this bike, and he's getting into the habit of putting on the brakes hard to stop... does that with the new one and straight over the handle bars!  I foresee some practice at the wee park on grass first!
He's starting to figure out how to make himself swing :D
I've noticed that he's a little more sure of himself recently; I really think the gymnastics and dance is helping a lot with his confidence.

Ooh and mindie did really well too!  She was balancing on the balance bike beautifully!   Unfortunately I did distract her when I complimented her and fell off the bike, so quick rub down and encouraged her to go again.   Not too long before she's riding a normal bike :D

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